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Thursday Quotes: It's Open Line Thursday!


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"For the Democrats, big government sometimes makes mistakes. The private sector, though, commits crimes."

"The Democrat Party from Obama on down is literally a bunch of thugs now. The United States government may as well be a branch of organized crime the way that it is being conducted and the way it's doing business --and the way it's looking out for itself and no one else."

"Hank Haney, Tiger's former coach, is taking me on as his third pupil to try to turn meinto somebodywho can play the game. First it was Charles Barkley, then it was Ray Romano, now it's me."

"How many gallons of oil are going to be removed from the Gulf by this $15 million commission? The answer is none.I do not know how to describe this anymore. This is pure, abject lawlessness. This is not constitutional what is happening here."

"The problem here isthe one-party rule.The Democrats are not going to investigate the administration.This is another reason why these elections in November are so crucial.Then, even after the Republicans win, they're going to have to have the gumption and the courage to go ahead and start investigating some of these things and they're going to have to be fearless about it."

"You'd probably have to show Henry Waxman a picture of an oil rig to have him understand what one is, and yet here he is, trying to act like the expert in all of this."

"When I was a kid you didn't have to buy Playboy, you could get National Geographic. And you were being cultured when you opened the pages of National Geographic. It's no different than what you saw in Playboy. Well, slightly different, but when you boil it all down to the essence, there wasn't much difference."

"I think one of the reasons Obama delayed the request from Bobby Jindal is because he's a Republican, and they needed this disaster."

"We live in an era where the Democrat Party is actually trying to convince people that BP wanted this to happen, that oil companies in general hate the earth, hate the climate, and hate people and they hate animals, otherwise they wouldn't be in the business.To them,oil is nothing more than a giant poison and anybody involved in it needs to be in jail."

"Everything this administration has touched has gone to excrement."



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