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Guest Host Douglas Urbanski


ABC:BP Oil Spill: Against Gov. Jindal's Wishes, Crude-Sucking Barges Stopped by Coast Guard

"The barges are sitting there! Governor Jindal wants them being used! All of the Gulf Coast governors are asking the question today, 'Who is in charge of this clean-up?'" -- Douglas Urbanski

BG:Democrats Make the Case for Jones Act Waiver

"There is an administration-imposed moratorium on drilling and there are administration officials who are suggesting that BP should pay the lost wages of oil industry workers who have been sidelined by the administration's moratorium. That is the working definition of another man-made disaster, self-imposed, self-inflicted by the administration. It is mind-boggling!" -Douglas Urbanski

WP: BP Agrees to $20 Billion Fund for Gulf Oil Spill Claims
NYT: Obama's Twist of BP's Arm Stirs Debate on Frequent Tactic
CNN: BP Adviser: Fund Will Act Independently to Pay Claims

"I know for a fact that Joe Barton's apology to BP was completely appropriate. How do I know this? Because Joe Biden said it wasn't, and the minute Joe Biden says it isn't you know that it is." -- Douglas Urbanski

CBS:Joe Barton's Apology Continues to Spark Uproar

"Governor Bobby Jindal is showing the leadership skills we're not seeing in the administration." -- Douglas Urbanski

MN: Poll: Obama's Doing OK Overall, But Not on the Gulf Spill
WSJ: The United States of Throw the Bums Out

Politico: Palin Backs More 'Mama Grizzlies'

"My personal story embodies American exceptionalism. I lived the lie of the left and dwindled my life down so badly with meaninglessness that I ended up in the welfare state. It wasn't until a Christian conversion and I started changing my decisions that my life changed. I completed college and then I started a business." -- Star Parker

"I'm a guaranteed vote when it comes to traditional values, limited government, free markets and a strong national defense." -- Star Parker

"The graphics at RushLimbaugh.com are the sort of thing that we in Hollywood would spend millions of dollars trying to create." -- Douglas Urbanski

UPI:S.C. Dems Won't Challenge Greene's Win

"Conservatives plan while liberals scheme. Conservatives believe in elections to change things. Liberals believe in lawsuits and judges to fix and institutionalize things." -- Douglas Urbanski

WP:Most Americans Back New Arizona Law, Washington Post-ABC News Poll Finds

WP:Battles Brew Over Who Will Get Helen Thomas's White House Seat; Bloomberg and Fox Trade Letters

AOL:Police: Family Killed Dad for Changing TV to World Cup



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