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Wednesday Quotes: Don't Doubt Me


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"Am I correct in observing that anger in the African-American community is much more intense since Obama's election? It was supposed to be just the opposite."

"Obama and the Democrats do not want any confirmation hearings on Donald Berwick, for one thing because we will hear that the death panels are back in Obamacare. In fact, they never left."

"Arizona's immigration law is not 'controversial.' Seventy percent of the country support it."

"Arizona cops can't just go up to people at a red light when they're stopped and say, 'Hey, are you an immigrant? Are you illegal? Let me see your papers.' They can't do it. The law doesn't permit it."

"Obama has come and he has divided this country. Look at the polling data on him, at his approval numbers issue by issue."

"You're not supposed to know that the Cubans, the ChiComs, the Russians, the Angolans, the Vietnamese and Spanish are going to be drilling off the coast of Cuba, in the Florida Straits in the Gulf of Mexico."

"AP reports there are 27,000 abandoned wells in the Gulf. They don't cite one that's leaking, but you're supposed to get scared to death and go along with Obama's moratorium on drilling."

"The federal government does not want to enforce its own law and protect the borders. That's controversial."

"Nothing is real. There are no standards. Nothing is right or wrong. There are just agendas to protect -- agendas and phony, false reputations."

"Economic growth has to be the answer to what we're having now, and none -- none, absolutely none -- of any of Obama's policies will lead to any economic growth in the private sector. By design."



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