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Friday Quotes: It's Open Line Friday!


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"I do not want General Motors to fail, but a failure is in charge of them."

"This guy, Obama, has the audacity to go to Detroit and talk about 55,000 jobs created? How about the jobs destroyed right now in the Gulf of Mexico with this drilling moratorium? How about the jobs destroyed in Alaska right now? How about eight million jobs lost since this guy assumed office?"

"Anthony Weiner lost it. The Democrats know that their majority is slipping away. They are crapping up -- uh, cracking up. That was a faux pas. That's a Freudian slip. I did not mean to say that. I apologize, I take it back. It's no big F-ing deal."

"Pelosi protected Rangel for a long time, and even now she can't bring herself to condemn what are serial violations of the law and ethics rules. Didn't Pelosi say she was going to 'drain the swamp'? Ha! All they did was restock it with a bunch of alligators."

"The food that you're eating at the White House mess is paid for by us, Mr. Gibbs. We pay for the food you eat, transportation, the jets your boss uses, and yet there's never any gratitude -- there's just more insults."

"As for the automobile industry, no industry can survive forever with massive subsidies paid for by the taxpayers in an economy where those same taxpayers are losing their jobs and homes and savings, and yet Obamabrags about this?"

"Mr. Gibbs, if government ownership and subsidies were the answer, then Zimbabwe would not be a Third World country, Cuba would be teaching us how to do things, the Soviet Union would not have failed, and North Korea would be the place everybody in the world wanted to go."

"I keep seeing Charlie Rangel flash up there on the screen; I guess they're going to have a trial. I'm just wondering if he changed his name, would he give himself a better shot at beating this? Like, Khalid Sheikh Ranglishi, or something?"

"This regime, folks, does not believe in you, and that's the saddest thing. This is the first administration -- maybe in history, maybe in my lifetime -- that does not believe in the country. They don't believe in the American worker, they don't believe in the American dream, but they believe in big government."

"We've finally reached the pinnacle of what it means to be a Democrat, and that is, 'Screw you. You don't like what we're doing? Here's more of it.'"



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