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Rush's Morning Update: Reality Show July 30, 2010

Rush's Morning Update: Reality Show
July 30, 2010

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Members of Detroit's City Council are concerned that a new TV show presents "negative stereotypes", so they asked the producers of ABC's Detroit1-8-7 to attend a meeting about it. "1-8-7," by the way, is police code for homicide;this new show involves a TV crew tailing city homicide investigators.The ABC producers blew off the meeting.

Now, Detroithas seen its fortunes shift since the days when it was synonymous with the auto industry,and in the 1960s with the "Motown sound". In 1974, when over 700 people were murdered there, Detroit earned the nickname "Murder City". The homicide rate remains high to this day.

Mayor Dave Bingsays that the City Council should not try to micromanage ABC's creative process, butstill, I understand why Council members are concerned. As in any other city run by entrenched liberal Democrats, high crime rates in Detroit are now a way of life -- so is high unemployment. As are blighted neighborhoods fueled by high foreclosure rates, collapsing infrastructure, and multi-billion dollar school systems that routinely graduate illiterates. And the citizens are so numbed that they'll latch onto any smooth-talking politician selling hope and change snake oil.

So, I don't blame Detroit politicians for being upset. Why should a show emphasize only the high murder rates, when, in reality,there's so much more these liberal politicians have done to their constituents that alsodeserves a spotlight?Why just murder? Hmm?


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