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Rush's Morning Update: Names August 4, 2010

Rush's Morning Update: Names
August 4, 2010

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The Ninth Circus court of appeals has denied Governor Jan Brewer's bid to fast-track a ruling on the gutting of Arizona's immigration law by a Clinton-appointed federal judge,so now it will be at least November before the case is heard. Coincidence? Well, maybe...Or maybeit's got the taint of politics-- ensuring that the regime and the Democrat Party can get past the elections without more fallout.

Meanwhile, the leader of the regime told one of his media outlets that those who advocate illegal immigration be bought under control "are absolutely correct." But-- and there's always a "but"-- while Obama says he wants to "work with Arizona," he told CBS anchor Harry Smith that national immigration policy cannot be demagogued and cannot be left to "anybody who wants to make a name for themselves."

Mr. Obama, you, sir, govern by demagoguery!Governor Brewer and the legislators who crafted Arizona's law did not set out to "make a name for themselves." Like you, they swore an oath to defend and protectthe Constitution and their citizens. Unlike you, they took their oath seriously. You won't defend the borders,or Americans --they did. You ignored their repeated pleas for help. And now you say you want to work with them,when all you've done is disparage their law and their motives.

You, sir, are afailure -- as is your regime --because you have the instincts of a petty two-bit politician, while you masquerade as president. Try to "make a name" for yourself... legitimately. Just once!


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