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Thursday Quotes: The Real Captain America


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"Do you notice how Obama won't hold press conferences? The reason for this is that he's really not that smart, folks. I mean, can we be honest?"

"I wonder if the Islamic community will go along with gay marriage. I wonder if we'll have gay marriages taking place at that Ground Zero mosque."

"Judge Vaughn Walker in California did not just slap down the will of seven million voters --he put those seven million voters on trial, and he found those seven million voters guilty."

"The people of Arizona passed a law to protect their border (since the federal government will not), and the federal government sued. I guarantee you our Founding Fathers are in heaven, angry as anybody has ever been. They did a miraculous, great thing, and they are witnessing it being torn apart by the modern Democrat Party."

"Where I live, local news personalities are going out and interviewing officials and authorities who are saying, 'Stay in a cool place and drink lots of fluids because it's very hot out there.' Uh, yeah, it's August."

"You know, one of the reasons why young people are liberal is because they're children. Children are used to being taken care of, and liberalism promises to take care of you."

"Now, David, I understand you're young and you're frustrated. I was your age once, and I, too, was frustrated that most of the people my age were a bunch of dolts and idiots."

"The deficiencies of liberalism are right out there for everybody to see, and I guarantee you that ten years from now some sweet?talking liberal's going to come along and make people forget all this."

"In this country, today, August the 5th, 2010, regardless of your race, your sex, your gender, or your orientation, you have more liberty and more opportunity to change anything about your life that you don't like than anywhere else in the world, because you live in the United States of America."

"Liberalism makes things worse, but, boy, it's easy to be liberal. It's easy to let somebody feed you. It's easy to let somebody pay you not to work."



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