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Friday Quotes: Open Line Friday!


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"Electing Barack Obama president is the equivalent of marrying somebody without knowing a damn thing about them until the next day."

"You just know the Drive-Bys have been going through their Nexus database, they have been trying desperately to find any examples of your host -- that would be me -- over the past two, three years, whatever -- claiming Obama was a Muslim. They can't find it 'cause I never said it."

"As much as the media and the Democrat Party hates Christians, why are they trying so hard to makeObama out to be one? They don't like Christians! Let's be honest about it."

"Obama doesn't understand this controversy about the mosque at Ground Zero or, worse, he does understand it and is just giving us a thumb in the eye."

"The other day somebody told me that Nancy Pelosi was a Muslim but I didn't buy that. It can't possibly be because Pelosi's born on Mars. I haven't heard of any Muslims on Mars."

"Snerdley gave me chicken crap and I had four minutes to make chicken salad."

"I'm free market. I'm not going to peacefully co-exist with somebody who is anti-free market on some basis of human rights or civil rights. It's just that simple."

"You can say what you want about this mosque controversy, but nobody has lost their jobs because of it like they have lost their jobs because of the professional left's media hysteria and intentional lies about the BP spill in the Gulf. We got a drilling moratorium because of their panic, because of Obama's agenda."

"Obama doesn't strike me as a guy you'd want to go out, have a beer with and chase women after a game, like you would with Clinton."

"I'm one who follows the news. In fact, I'm on the cutting edge of following the news. I know what the news is going to be before it's reported."



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