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Monday Quotes: Your Guiding Light


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"The choice in the upcoming elections boils down to this: It's either Obama and the Democrats or America. You can't have both."

"I'm getting e-mail: 'Rush, are you that hard up? You're doing the Family Guy for money?' Folks, I don't even know what I got paid to do this. Whatever it is, it's union scale. Besides, I didn't do this for the money -- I did this for the fun of it."

"Notice how nobody in the Tea Party -- or even anybody in the GOP --tells the voters how stupid theyare like the Democrats always do?"

"Family Guy has their own built-in audience, and, you know, it's not everybody's cup of tea. I mean, this program crosses a line every night that it's on. It runs up to the border and goes over it. But I like Seth. And what the hell."

"You people that have never played golf? You don't understand. They ought to make prisoners play the game, that's how frustrating it is."

"Obama and Carville, I think, would be a perfect team to greet aliens. I mean, Carville looks like he was born on a UFO. They could be the official greeters: Dumbo and Gumbo."

"Let me ask you a question that every worker, every employee, and every associate in the private sector needs to ask himself: How does the government confiscating more money from your employer help you?"

"A $700 billion 'stimulus' is like throwing a penny in Lake Michigan and hoping it ripples all the way up to Canada -- it isn't going to happen."

"Look, on paper, Sarah Palin's exactly what the NOW gang and the rest say they've always wanted. She has it all. She is at the pinnacle of a political career, and she has a loving and doting family and husband. She's everything the feminazis told women they could be, and yet they try to destroy her."

"I'm hoping the Democrats lose a hundred seats -- that's my hope and change! I want them wiped out. I want them shellacked."



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