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Tuesday Quotes: Mind Over Chatter


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"People often tell me what a great interviewer they think Greta Van Susteren is. Why do you think they say that? She asks a question and she lets the guest answer it."

"So the same guy who has taken at least eight vacations in the last year is calling his own voters lethargic. Yes, Barack Hussein Imam Obama, trying to buck up the Democrat base by telling them they're lethargic. Okay."

"Let me make sure I read this correctly: 'A bill to provide healthful school lunches for low-income children.' Don't we have about 25 of those already?"

"So Emanuel's leaving town, Axelrod's leaving town, Romer's leaving town, Orszag's not only leaving town, but getting married, and Summers' leaving town. The only person left is Geithner, and nobody likes him."

"Getting health care coverage after you are sick -- that is, with a preexisting condition -- is not insurance, it is welfare. This whole preexisting condition stuff has always been a joke."

"I don't think I'll be invited to election night coverage on any of the newscasts. Well, I wouldn't do it anyway. I have a party to host."

"'Making change happen is hard,' Obama said. No, it's not! It's easy as pie! We have seen how easy it is for you to destroy the American private sector. I mean, it's been a year and a half -- it hasn't taken that much."

"Rahm Emanuel wants to move back into his house, but somebody's renting it and won't move out? Can you imagine the F-bombs be tossed around here?"

"Hey, Axelrod? Instead of skating out of town, you need to take credit for all that you and your boss and your party have done. You need to take credit for destroying the American health care system, job creation, and home ownership."

"Sarah Palin is our Xenia Onatopp."



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