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Communists Destroy Cuban Cigars, Coffee, Sugar (and All They Touch)

RUSH: Here's a story from the Scripps Howard News Service. I thought they were out of business. I thought Scripps Howard had shut down. Obviously they haven't, one of those rare occasions I was wrong. "With suspicious haste, Cuba's communist government abruptly announced it would let private farmers cultivate their crops on government land. Now we have an inkling why: The government wanted to get out while the getting was good. ... Last year's coffee harvest was the worst in history and this...

The NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

RUSH: Jeff in Zanesville, Ohio. Great to have you. Open Line Friday. Welcome.CALLER: How are you, sir?RUSH: Very good.CALLER: Excellent. Hey, what's your take on the NFL, the players union, and the debacle that continually persists?RUSH: Which debacle? You mean the ongoing disagreement over collective bargaining agreement?CALLER: Well, not only that, but the 18-game schedule and the like.RUSH: I think I'm all for the 18-game schedule.CALLER: Why do you think the players are against it?...

Weekend Rally is For Folks Who Feel Worthless

RUSH: Pat in Chicago. You're next on the EIB Network, Open Line Friday, hello.CALLER: What a pleasure it is to talk to you.RUSH: Thank you.CALLER: Congratulations on your wedding.RUSH: Thank you very much.CALLER: I coulda kept up with you in my walker, though. But you've got a gem for a wife. I'm really proud to be a conservative, a Republican. I'm proud to be linked to the Tea Party, opposed to the Democrats being linked to the progressives. It's not your daddy's Democratic Party anymore....

Who Cares What Darwinist Fanatics Think?

RUSH: Oliver in Lindenhurst, New York. How are you, sir?CALLER: Very good. Thanks a lot for having me on. I enjoy listening to your show. I try to listen every day.RUSH: Thank you very much.CALLER: I was just calling because the other day you had been talking about Darwinism and, you know, you mentioned the survival of the fittest thing and where you were saying that it was a circular argument. But, you know, Darwin actually never said survival of the fittest, and so, you know, it's not...

What's Justice Clarence Thomas Like in Person?

RUSH: Zack in Bourbonnais, Illinois. Great to have on you the program, sir. Hello.CALLER: Awesome, Rush, awesome, awesome, awesome. Mega dittos from Bill Brady country.RUSH: Thank you.CALLER: I can't believe I'm talking to you right now. I wanted to know, I've listened to you for probably ten years, and I know that you know Clarence Thomas on a personal level. I love how the liberals can't stand him. I just wanted to see if you could give any personal insight on what it's like to hang out...

Rush's Morning Update: Games? October 4, 2010

Rush's Morning Update: Games?October 4, 2010Watch It! Download Morning Update Video in QuickTimeListen to It! Windows Media Player|RealPlayer A 23-year-old student in Germany has created a firestormover a video game he produced,due to be released on the 20th anniversary of German reunification. The game is called "1378," for the length in kilometers of the border between East and West Germany during the Cold War. Players have the option of assuming the role of an East German border guardand...

Friday Quotes: It's Open Line Friday!

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"So yesterday, remember, there was a guy who wanted me to take the day off today. Walter Williams would come in for me. Aren't you glad that I did not listen to him?""All of you who sit out there acting holier-than-thou, saying that these Tea Party people are kooks… How would you do if suddenly your life was uncovered and plastered all over television? How would you do if the media was giving you an anal exam for the express...


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