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Tuesday Quotes: Leader of the Opposition


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"I've been waiting my whole life for Jay-Z or P. Diddy to do a cover of The Happy Organ."

"Sharron Angle's consistent as she can be, unlike Obama. She's a true believer. Whatever she said behind closed doors on the tape is the same thing she says on the campaign trail. And she's right: the Republican establishment does not want her to win."

"I'll tell you, when Tim Russert passed away, that was the end of NBC as a credible news organization. I mean, Russert kept those people centered as best he could."

"Al Franken is a genuine parasite. You know, Al Franken would be a nobody if he couldn't live off other people's work and use other people's names in his work."

"Chill out and be cool, everybody. All kinds of wonderful things are going to happen in November. I have no fear. I have no doubts. I'm not worried at all."

"Let me tell you something: Eliot Spitzer's show on CNN once again demonstrates what a fine line there is between prostitutes and presstitutes -- it's hard to know who's who on that show."

"Poverty in this country is good living compared to poverty elsewhere in the world. If our welfare recipients are going to Vegas to cash their checks or their cards, how bad can it really be out there?"

"A male donkey, or ass, is called a jack, and a female is called a jenny. So Ms. Pelosi would be a jennyass, and Harry Reid would be a jackass."

"Why aren't the Democrats concerned that they have destroyed the health care system of this country? Because in their minds, they don't think they have. In their minds, they have cemented their power. This is their objective."

"We all have to party."



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