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Monday Quotes: An Army of One


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"Did you see what the big weekend movie was? Jackass 3D was the number one movie over the weekend. No, it's not a movie about the economy."

"The first black president was a potential gold mine to the civil rights guys because at least half the country, theoretically, always disagrees with the president, and how about being able to call half the country racist? What's that going to do for your fundraising?"

"What good is David Brooks? He knew a year ago substantively that Obama's a cynic, arrogant, and filled with contempt, and yet he wrote of him in the exact opposite way."

"After all this time, we're the ones that everybody's been waiting for. Not Obama. Not his idiotic, jackass policies. Us."

"There can be no doubt now: Obama does not like this country as it was founded, and he is hell-bent on making this country pay the price he thinks it must pay for our imperialism or colonialism or whatever crimes we've committed as a nation since our founding."

"The sad thing is how expensive this learning curve has been. Look at what it's cost for so many people to finally wake up to see where liberalism will take this country -- it's taken trillion-dollar deficits."

"The only way Obama will get anything he wants is either by having the Republicans cave or by going outside the Constitution. Folks, he is who he is. He is the most radical leftist ever elected to power in this country."

"The real and present danger to America is not Obama. The real clear and present danger is that we have a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like Obama with the presidency."

"Everybody's trying to figure out: What happened to Maureen Dowd? What happened is that a guy she was in love with dumped her. Actually, he didn't just dump her -- he did it in a mean, mean way, and she hasn't been the same since."

"Let's look at this whole thing as a toilet that's been stopped up. The people don't want to know who did it. They just want it flushed."



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