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Rush's Morning Update: The Caretakers October 20, 2010

Rush's Morning Update: The Caretakers
October 20, 2010

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Two weeks from today, Democrats and the State-Controlled Media will begin issuing postmortems; vain attempts to explain why they were skunked in the elections.

Emphasis will be placed on "voter amnesia" --the electorate forgot to blame Bush for the economy. Analysts will say "anti-incumbent fever" struck Democrats particularly hardbecause they held the majorities in Congress. And we'll hear about the "historical pattern of midterm elections," which dictates the party in power always loses seats. None of thiswill be correct.

For two years, hope and change has been on parade, in one of the most "productive" Congresses in our history, says AP. Sweeping legislation in health care and the financial industry was passed. Cap-and-trade passed the House. Trillions of dollars in new spending (and debt)was enacted. The government took over companies with household names: GM, Chrysler, big banks --along with the student loan program. Tons of other legislation and regulations were successfully passed.

At the end of the day, the electorate was somad that Democrats and Obama were too afraid to run on their accomplishments; instead, they conjured up fictional issues-- like the Chamber of Commerce possibly having foreign donors.

What Democrats won't get now --and will never get -- is that this election is a referendum on profligate, unchecked liberalism. America rejects it. Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are just the current caretakers,and they will be taken care of... politically speaking, of course.


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