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Tuesday Quotes: Leader of the Opposition


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"Let me tell you what the fork in the road is: America or Obama -- we can't have both."

"The biggest mistake that was made after 1994 was that Newt and the boys believed that the country had gone conservative, and they stopped teaching. They removed all ideology from what they did. We quit fighting, essentially."

"If you Republicans control the House, there's not one thing that Obama should agree with that you propose, and if there is, it's a problem."

"The Tea Party is rooted, as I like to say, in love: love of country, love of fellow man, and love of community. You won't find this kind of love on the left; you'll just find contempt and disdain."

"There's a story that says in early voting all over the country, white males are showing up in droves. Of course, isn't it profiling to notice this?"

"Any Republican who puts working with Democrats ahead of working for the American people is going to suffer the same fate as today's Blue Dog Democrats -- they're going to become an extinct species."

"The message of Obama, Pelosi, and Dingy Harry has been, 'Shut up and sit down.We know what's best for you frightened, fuzzy-thinking rubes' -- and many in the Republican Party have the same message."

"On November 2nd, it will be our time to deliver a message, and the message will be: 'You're fired, you failed, greedy, authoritarian elitist snobs.'"

"Within the realm of sanity, where is there room for any compromise with Marxism or socialism or liberalism? Where is the compromise with evil? In the context of right and wrong, how do you compromise with wrong?"

"Snerdley, what are you freaking out about? If you don't calm down in there, I'm going to have to suspend you because it's becoming a distraction."



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