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Wednesday Quotes: The Truth Detector!


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"The Republicans have a chance to be warriors for liberty. If they say, in the midst of this, one word about compromise or bipartisanship, to hell with them."

"The people of Nevada are fed up with Harry Reid, just like the people of South Dakota were fed up with Tom Daschle. These guys come from relatively conservative states, go to Washington, and then they are exposed for who they really are."

"Three-quarters of American adults know someone who's out of work and looking for a job. Now, that is a huge number. You want more of that? Keep voting Democrat."

"The Democrats know they don't stand a prayer this election unless they cheat. The question is: Can they cheat enough to overcome the tidal wave that's going to happen on Tuesday? I don't believe they can."

"Everybody in the bad old days of the Soviet Union had two jobs: one job was their own, and the other job was beating the system. Well, that is coming to America. In fact, it's already here."

"If I didn't know better, I would say that Stewart and Colbert are working for the Republicans."

"By her own admission, the hardest thing Hillary has ever done in her life is organize her daughter's wedding, but that still puts her one up on Obama because he is the most unqualified imam -- er, guy -- in any room he walks into."

"LA Times: 'Republicans Offer Few Health Care Alternatives.' This is just patently absurd. The big alternative is to eliminate Obamacare. The next big alternative is to eliminate Obamacare."

"Think how low the office of the presidency has declined if Obama is happy to appear on a program hosted by a noted race-baiter, Al Sharpton. Now, I'm dead serious about this. I'm not trying to be my usual sarcastically funny self."

"Ben Roethlisberger loves Reno, Nevada. I know that."



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