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Friday Quotes: It's Open Line Friday!


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"Thanks for a great week made possible primarily by one man, Barack Obama, because of who he is and what he stands for."

"Check out this e-mail: 'Dear Rush, It's your fault we didn't win the Senate and win bigger elsewhere because you wasted so much time talking football. If you took your position more seriously, we could have won big.' I kid you not, folks."

"To the left, diversity doesn't really mean diversity. When the Democrats or the media say that they want diversity, they just mean they want no Republicans."

"Republicans are all angry, rich white people -- like Jay Rockefeller, the Kennedys, and John Kerry."

"When San Francisco bans the Happy Meal and starts talking about 'food justice,' you have to figure it's time to just saw the state of California off and let it float out there. It's over."

"Where were the feminists, by the way, when Chris Matthews was mocking Michele Bachmann? Of course, maybe that was considered girl-on-girl action and they decided it wouldn't be worth the trouble."

"When I was in college -- and that would've been 1970 -- we had classes for fat women, and they were called 'feminist studies.'"

"Preexisting condition coverage is not possible. It's not insurance. It's welfare. The idea of requiring insurance companies to cover people for preexisting conditions is a recipe for driving them out of business."

"The smartest people in the room were unable to see one flaw in Obama. They were unable to see that people would eventually rebel against Obama policy, but I wasn't. I was totally able to see it."

"No matter what Obama says about unity and working together and getting rid of the partisan divide, it's not true. He's a liberal, and liberals lie."



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