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Wednesday Quotes: The Maha Rushie


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"I go in cycles. Some days, I think it's all lost and hopeless, and other days I think we have a chance to reverse this stuff."

"Let me tell you something. I have given back to my country and to my fellow citizens more in one year than you are ever going to earn in your worthless life, Mr. New Castrati. And if you ever get famous, we'll do a parody of you, too, because it would bring in big time yucks."

"You won't find little sniveling brats like our last caller on the golf course -- which is why I go there."

"California is spending $40 milliona day to pay people not to work, and those people are going to be the first ones to bitch to high heaven if there are any kind of budget or service cuts."

"CNN, you are as big a bunch of commie libs as MSNBC is -- you just go through the motions of trying to pretend that you're not."

"Governor Schwarzenegger said that nobody's going to care if you smoke a joint in California. Probably true, but try lighting up a cigarette and see what happens to you."

"If Cal Ripken wanted to join some movement to ban my lightbulbs, I wouldn't care that he had played in over 2,000 baseball games. He has no business banning my lightbulbs!"

"I'm already irritated and agitated today. I feel like I've been worked over by a community organizer."

"We have a bunch of people who have lost their manhood, have lost their guts, who are falling prey to all this hoax climate change garbage, and we're making policy to appease these people who produce literally nothing."

"It's like with anything else: if you want less of it, you tax it. So if you want fewer stupid Californians, you raise taxes on them."



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