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Friday Quotes: It's Open Line Friday!


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"The country was never set up and envisioned to have one political party use the public trough as significantly as the Democrat Party has to cement itself in permanent power."

"Presidents don't go to summits unless they have deals already in place, so how could this happen? Well, we're dealing with an entirely different animal with Obama. We're dealing with a narcissist-type ego that thinks that just by showing up he's going to get what he wants."

"'Little Johnny, what do you want to be when you grow up?' 'Well, I really want to head up an organization to eliminate circumcision, dad.' 'Really?'"

"For those of you New Castrati listening, yes, our caller did say that she's calling from a private Christian school where they listen to the program. I wanted to make sure that they heard that. Okay, Debbie, go on."

"Will, you sound just like Harry Reid to me. Do me a favor. Say, 'This war is lost.'"

"I like the theory that the communists and socialists of the world are upset that we're not capitalist enough to provide them any money. That sounds entirely plausible to me."

"A guy like Obama gets elected, and the EPA budget grows 129% in two years. And it's not because of any necessity -- it's because these people are sponges."

"If you can't convince the ruling class that you hold the average American in contempt, you're never going to be allowed in the club."

"Story: 'Body language expert says Barack Obama runs the show in meetings with Chinese premiere Hu Jintao.' This is from the New York Daily News. Now, are you kidding me? They have to descend to this level to show this loser in a good light?"

"There are more and more guests on MSNBC that look like they just came out of the crypt -- or is that guy a host?"



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