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Monday Quotes: Mind Over Chatter


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"The power in your life is in you, but when you become a ward of the state, the power in your life is the government."

"I don't care where you go or who you are, there's nobody who's going to care as much about you as you do. Nancy Pelosi doesn't care about you one-tenth of 1% as much as you do, no matter what she says."

"I say this with all humility: I'll tell you when it's time to panic. If you tune in and I'm not here for ten straight working days, you can panic."

"Now, Paul Krugman is 57 years old, and in terms of the Mars mission, he may be shovel-ready."

"Anybody with any common sense knows that Obamacare is a dead ringer for the British health care system, and that if it holds up, there's only one way that it could ever be paid for, and that's by health rationing."

"For all the talk about compassion and love and tolerance, liberalism dehumanizes a society. In the eyes of liberal leaders, human beings are just pieces on a chessboard."

"Look, not trying to be a cold shower, but I live in Literalville, and that is what gets me in trouble as much as anything else I do."

"If you're one of these Miss America candidates who think that we were unified after 9/11, then go listen to some of the sermons in Obama's church right after it."

"As you know, I have frustrated people in this audience: 'Are we ever going to control the message, Rush? Are we ever going to seize the day where we define the message for the media?' The answer is, 'No.' Get over it."

"You can't have bread without butter. How does that sound?"



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