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Rush's Morning Update: Soul Searching November 16, 2010

Rush's Morning Update: Soul Searching
November 16, 2010

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While Obama was in Asia, getting sand thrown in his face by the South Koreans, his staff has been busy. According to the Washington Post, most of his top aides stayed home, and have spent the past two weeks trying to figure out what went wrong in the November elections -- and they think theyhave the answers.

It wasn't just "poor messaging," which was the first excuse they rolled out. It was also, they say, their own failure to live up to the high expectations set by Obama's presidential campaign.

His aides have come up with a plan to get Soul Brother No. 1-- Imam Obama-- back in the game. They have to win back independent voters. To do that, they're going to forge partnerships with Republicans on key issues. And they're going to make progress on changing the way Washington works. And they're going to try to make tangible improvements in the economy. (Yeah, one more time.)Obama and company realize they can't keep selling the excuse that things would have been worse,if not for their policies --because nobody bought that.

Two weeks of soul-searching, and that's it? These guys still think their central problem is messaging or managing expectations. Obama governs like a hardcore liberal,and even after getting shellacked in the midterms, he's still talking like a hardcore liberal-- because he is a hardcore liberal.

The country is not liberal, though,and that is why --despite the all soul-searching --he will continue to fail. Yes, I said it again.


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