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Tuesday Quotes: Your Conservative Rock


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"The House ethics panel found Charles Rangel guilty of ethics violations. Rangel is a real embarrassment to Democrats because he got caught."

"I looked at the e-mail during the break: 'You know, we're being groped out here by all these TSA agents -- you think you could talk about that instead of food?'"

"If there's anybody that could top Dingy Harry at messaging -- i.e., lying -- it would be the always charismatic and charming Chuck Schumer."

"I do drive. I drive myself. And sometimes I look out the window. And a lot of people wave at me as I go by."

"I would trade Lisa Murkowski to the Democrats for Heath Shuler in a moment, and we'd be gaining a couple IQ points in that trade, too."

"At one time Henry Waxman was a freshman. Now, do we really think somebody hit on him? Alan Grayson was a freshman, too. Do we really think women hit on him?"

"The dirty truth is that Obama's base is tiny when you get right down to it. His base is professors, students, Hollywood, and the media. That's his base."

"Some magazine has named the Chevrolet Volt the car of the year. Folks, of all the cars... I mean, no offense, General Motors, but please!"

"One of the reasons we conservatives are so opposed to big government isbecause government deprives people of their humanity and their dreams and their opportunities under the guise of taking care of them. It's one of the biggest swindles to come down the pike."

"If Dick Blumenthal would just swallow, maybe our hunger deficit would drop somewhat."



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