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Tuesday Quotes: Your Conservative Rock


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"The Haves and Have-Nots are no longer the rich and poor. Today the Haves work for and run the government. The Have-Nots don't."

"We are not checking for terrorists, we are checking for things, and the real danger of all of this is that it shows the Muslim world that we will treat our own people like dog doo-doo to avoid even the smallest risk."

"Who gets to tell the people working for Obama that they're overstepping their bounds? Who? Nobody. Go to the airport. You are witnessing the destruction of your country and the rejection of individual liberty."

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are treating terrorists with kid gloves, and we are treating innocent American citizens with rubber gloves."

"If Obama had ever campaigned on the notion that all of this was going to happen, he wouldn't have gotten more than 20% of the vote, but now we're supposed to sit back and accept all this because, well, liberals have good intentions."

"If Bristol Palin wins this thing tonight, you do not want to be a television set in blue America -- you might get shot."

"So here we have the government, the authoritarian government, the liberal government, telling an industry how it must spend its money. Try getting your arms around that."

"Okay, Janet Napolitano said that she was concerned with homegrown, radicalized young men in the United States. So, my question is, why the molestation of children?"

"The bureaucracy, special interest groups, the unions... they are the ones who are benefiting from all of this authoritarianism -- the individual is not. The people who make the country work are not benefiting from any of this. We are the ones losing everything we have."

"They just don't have a sense of humor at the New York Times."



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