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Thursday Quotes: An Army of One


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"Unemployment numbers are a lot like losing your hair: Eventually you're gonna run outta hair to lose."

"And another thing: I would love to be treated, just once, like Chris Dodd -- a friend of Angelo who gets a reduction on his mortgage. People see me coming, and they double the price of everything because they think I can afford it."

"So here we have Pelosi with this big for-show-only vote today on extending the Bush tax rates for the middle class. Now, I would describe this as bipolar partisan. I mean, she's nuts."

"I don't know how to describe the people running this country anymore. I mean, they're Marxist, yeah, socialist, yeah, leftists, yeah... but they're also just plain stupid."

"I'm not prepared as an American to accept the new norm of 10% unemployment and say that anything beyond that is an improvement. You know, that's not the country I've known."

"This economy is going to rebound despite Obama, and when it does, it's going to be a testament to the power of American capitalism."

"The New York Post: 'Parker Spitzer cohost Kathleen Parker is so fed up with playing second fiddle to the hooker-loving ex-governor that she's threatening to walk.' Hey, Kathleen, even his wife didn't do that!"

"Liberalism cannot be supported intellectually, and when you hit liberals with any kind of intellectual argument based on what they think and say, they crumple like a cheap suit."

"You know what? We here at the EIB Network, knock on granite, haven't had any problem making payroll, but if we did, the last thing I would ever think of is going to the Federal Reserve for help."

"Keynesians forget that consumerism is based on real things; people don't just spend for the hell of it. Well, some women do."



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