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Wednesday Quotes: The Truth Detector!


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"I've always said that every year I get older, life gets better -- and it's still true. I'm not maxed out."

"I got a tip earlier today that one of the shooter's friends appeared on Good Morning America and said the kid never listened to talk radio. Well, now, I, Mr. Talk radio, found that pretty interesting."

"I got a lot of people who sent me e-mails yesterday: 'Rush, you were a little bit over the top yesterday when you said the Democrat Party profits from murder.' How else can I say this? Try to put yourself in my shoes."

"Those of you on the left, you have to stop something else. Every time somebody disagrees with you, you call it hate speech. You have to stop that."

"The truth is the great enemy of the Democrat Party and the American left. They have to wipe out truth whenever they can and wherever they see it, because truth is not them."

"One of the New York Times stories that I have today is almost a threat to John Boehner: You better cancel what you were going do now that this happened; you better not even think about repealing Obamacare now. Don't try to tell me these people are not advancing their political agenda on the backs of the wounded."

"Have you ever noticed that whenever government does something that's wrong -- I mean, big boondoggle -- the solution is another government program to fix it?"

"There was a radio network that popped up that was filled with disgusting hate. It was called Air America, and look how long it lasted."

"Why, after eight years of Bush being responsible for everything, he's not a threat anymore, he's gone, so he doesn't exist in the left's minds. Now it's Palin."

"Sheriff Dupnik, what is the difference in people's anger at Washington and your anger at talk radio people? Why is your anger justified, Sheriff? In fact, Sheriff, it sounds to me like you're trying to whip up some deranged people into some action here."



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