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Record Ratings for Haney Project

RUSH: Yes siree Bob! Ratings record Tuesday night on the Golf Channel for the premiere episode, the first of eight of The Haney Project starring me, El Rushbo. Episode two Tuesday night at nine on The Golf Channel, and we are in Hawaii, actually on the Big Island of Hawaii at a great, great resort and golf course called Kuki'o, and you'll meet a couple of my friends in that episode, George Brett, Mike Hartley, and who knows whatever else they plug in this show.

CNN and Fox Commentators Switch Roles on Obama Speech

RUSH: David "Rodham" Gergen, CNN last night, panel discussion after the Obama memorial.GERGEN: A lot of us did come tonight thinking this would be more of a solemn memorial service and we would have the kind of words that President Clinton used at Oklahoma City, or that President Reagan did after the Challenger blew up. But instead it turned into much more of a pep rally and almost at times it seemed like a campaign rally.RUSH: Hmm. David "Rodham" Gergen not happy, doesn't sound like David "Rodham"...

Great Democrat Memorials Past: The Wellstone Memorial, 2002

RUSH: The Wellstone Memorial was in 2002. This was after Senator Paul Wellstone was killed in a plane crash. This is the memorial where Republican senators Trent Lott and a couple others were booed out of the place. They had to leave. And I didn't think last night they'd do it. I thought, "After the Wellstone Memorial, they're not gonna get anywhere near what the Wellstone Memorial was," but by gosh they started that way. It was... Here. I'll tell you what let's do. Let's see. Hang on....

Great Democrat Memorials Past: Clinton's Tear for Ron Brown, 1996

RUSH: Our previous caller, when I asked if she had seen the Wellstone Memorial, said, "Oh, yeah, I remember Bill Clinton and the tears when the camera turned to him." That was the Ron Brown Memorial. Now, the Ron Brown Memorial, this was a moment. NBC caught this on videotape, and over at our TV show, our astute and observant producers caught the one feed. After we made their feed more public than they did, they pulled it. They stopped using it. Here's what it was. Ron Brown had been killed...

Civility is the New Censorship

RUSH: This is Kathy in Potomac, Maryland. It's great to have you here.CALLER: Oh, thanks, Rush. Happy New Year, and happy belated birthday to you.RUSH: Thank you very much.CALLER: Before I get to the reason for my call I would like to make a very brief linguistic observation and that is that "civility" is the new word for "censorship."RUSH: I think you're right. It's a great point.CALLER: Yeah. We don't want to criticize the state. So, Rush, the reason I called is I can only take two minutes...

Unbridled, Vitriolic Hatred for Sarah Palin Continues Unabated

RUSH: So there's Obama being praised to the heavens, Obama being exalted and held up as only Obama can be, The Messiah, the one, being praised for this wonderful healing speech last night by the same people who are exhibiting and announcing and proclaiming a vicious hate against Sarah Palin, who gave a perfectly fine speech that morning. In fact, they're even trying to say that Palin tried to mislead her viewers at Facebook because she was using a teleprompter and didn't tell anybody. I kid you...

Thoughts on the Arizona Pep Rally

RUSH: We'd like to welcome back to the program today Mr. Bo Snerdley, who has been on an extended vacation since just before Christmas, arrived back home yesterday, has been overseas in the Philippines. I even got a note from him while there talking about the Filipinos. At any rate, Snerdley says that over the weekend he was minding his own business, he's just on vacation over there, and by happenstance turns on the television and American cable news networks are available in the Philippines....

Rush's Morning Update: Hate In America January 14, 2011

Rush's Morning Update: Hate In AmericaJanuary 14, 2011Watch It! Download Morning Update Video in QuickTimeListen to It! Windows Media Player|RealPlayer There is hatred in America. Most of us crave a nation where there is,if not love,a deep respect for our fellow citizens and their rights --a common purpose to preserve the promise of America as a nation where opportunity can be sought and dreams can be fulfilled by anyone (except conservatives).But there is hatred in America. Liberals' glee...

Thursday Quotes: The Maha Rushie

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"When I think of the left wing, I think civil, don't you? Code Pink, the New Black Panthers, union bosses beating up black conservatives in St. Louis, ACORN, illegal alien marches... why, it doesn't get more civil than that!""Snerdley was on a Tokyo-to-Detroit flight, and the couple behind him were cursing me for 'hijacking American politics'. So at the next natural opportunity, he stood up and just stared at them for a while.""I've...

Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page

Story #1:Civility to be Theme of State of the Union ShowRUSH: Top-of-the-hour news. I knew it. Last night's a setup for the State of the Union show. Top-of-the-hour news, Obama will use the State of the Union to talk about civility. That's where he's gonna come get us. Mark my words. This is all a political calculation and it's being used as a political tool. Here's the template: Liberalism by definition is civil and polite and calm. Conservatism is by definition violent. You watch: civility...


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