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Wednesday Quotes: Leader of the Opposition


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"Why, if it's a health care law, does Obamacare require 16,000 new IRS agents, not 16,000 new doctors? It's because they're going to get dollars from every one of us, including the uninsured."

"This is what happens when you run in front of a mob and claim to be the leader: you have to deal with whatever the mob does. And right now, everything Obama wanted has happened, and the mob is getting bigger and more violent."

"It's Groundhog's Day today, and I just want to let you know that I saw my shadow when I got up, which means that you are going to have to endure six more weeks of civility on this program."

"The Hutch wants to come on the program on Friday for our annual discussion of the Super Bowl, and we're also going to have a couple of Pittsburgh Steelers join us to discuss the game. This program knows no boundaries."

"It doesn't surprise me that Obama hears voices in Egypt but doesn't hear the voices of the Tea Party. I know what he is. He's a Saul Alinsky leftist radical."

"Why don't we send Obama over there to Egypt to be their president? And don't tell me he can't run for president of Egypt because he wasn't born there. I don't want to hear that."

"The more people prosper, the less government they need, the less they need their elected officials. And it is hideous -- it is heinous -- what is being done in the name of progressives. They're just making more poor people."

"Everybody wants their life to have meaning. That's why a certain segment of our population will do anything to be on Jerry Springer."

"On one hand, we'll tell ourselves we're no different than a rat. On the other hand, we look at ourselves and claim that we have the ability to destroy the planet. We're just a confused bunch of people, led occasionally by a bunch of sickos, really."

"Story: 'Lawmakers in South Dakota have prepared a bill that would require all adults to own guns.' You can do it for health care, why not guns? I love it. Go for it."



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