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Friday Quotes: It's Open Line Friday!


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"If Egypt, my friends, has made anything clear, it's that Obama has no idea what's going to happen five minutes from now."

"This is a rent-a-mob. I don't doubt that there are genuine grievances felt by some of the people in Egypt, but this is not a spontaneous, gee-nobody-knew-this-was-coming moment. This is the result of organizing."

"I wonder when The Oprah will figure out that she has just succeeded in positioning Obama as weak and failing: 'Hey, come on! It's a tough job! You try it! There's a learning curve!' She's just begging America to respect the man-child who's out of his league."

"Eighty-four percent of Egyptians favor the death penalty for people who leave the Muslim faith, and nearly half of Egyptians support the terror group Hamas. So these are the people that you see protesting, folks."

"Look, I need to stipulate something here. Even though I say it's Open Line Friday and you can talk about whatever you want to talk about, we still are not going to relax our demand for overall cogence and intelligence."

"Obama's problem is that he's obsessed with settling past grievances at the expense of future progress. He doesn't seem to care so much about 'winning the future' as he does about redistributing yesterday's transactions."

"You can't win the future with poor judgment, a mountain of debt, an addiction to spending, and an administration staffed with amateurs and radical leftists. We're not winning the future, folks. Slogans be damned."

"I have watched Snerdley screening calls during this entire first hour, and I swear I saw blood pressure rising. He was moments away from whipping that telephone headset off his head and throwing it down on the ground just like Rex Ryan."

"Nobody's talking about the fact that Mubarak was elected in 2005. Go ahead and throw in the fact that 30% of it might have been fraud, but he was still elected. I'm sure he stuffed the ballot boxes just like they do in Chicago, too."

"The Egyptians can't even do mummies anymore -- it's a shame."



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