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Tuesday Quotes: Mind Over Chatter


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"Obama is the architect of this spending, and he opens his presser saying we have to live within our means. This is like Col. Sanders saying, 'We gotta stop killing chickens!'"

"One of the reasons for this press conference, I think, was to try to cover up Obama's incompetence in foreign affairs with his incompetence in economics. With him, we have incompetence on display, whatever the subject matter."

"When the evidence is clear that your way doesn't work and yet you keep doubling down on your way, what does it say? Does it say that you're stupid, naive, ignorant, and unaware, or does it say that you are an arrogant, egotistical guy?"

"We've had two years of Obamaism, and we know that none of it works. Point-blank, let me ask you a question: What has Obama done for you?"

"The bottom line is that oil is not the energy source of the past. It is the energy source of the present and it is the energy source of the future, and there's nothing that Obama can do to change that."

"It's insulting to my intelligence to have this thing -- this commodity, oil -- attacked as some form of evil by a bunch of know-nothing, do-nothing, never-got-their-hands-dirty little lame leftists who live in a theoretical utopia."

"Obama said, 'You can't maintain power through coercion. There has to be consent.' Tell that to the Kims. Tell that to the ChiComs. Tell that to Fidel Castro. Tell that to Stalin. Tell that to Lenin. Tell that to Hitler."

"Big Bird is a freaking puppet, for crying out loud!"

"Jean Kennedy Smith just received the Medal of Freedom at the White House, and she was introduced this way: 'Jean Kennedy Smith, the eighth of nine children of Joe and Rose Kennedy, joined the family business to improve the lives of American people.' I didn't know that was the Kennedy family business."

"My mother was exactly right: I do like pepper now."



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