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Thursday Quotes: The Truth Detector!


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"Judge Vinson gave us all Obamacare waivers. He ruled the whole damn thing unconstitutional!"

"This is not a democratic movement whatsoever in Wisconsin. In fact, they are trying to stop democracy. They're doing everything they can to disrupt legally elected representatives from doing the work of the people, and Obama and his organizations are encouraging this."

"So all the Senate Democrats in Wisconsin got on a bus and left the state to avoid the vote today. They probably went to bankrupt Illinois. Good. Absolutely fine. Way to go, Democrats. Keep it up. This is the exact kind of stuff we need people to see you do out in the open."

"Folks, I don't think the people in Wisconsin -- the unions, the teachers, and some of the protesters -- got the memo on civility. Have you seen what's going on? I mean, this is Greece."

"I don't know what to tell people, anymore. There isn't any money for these unions. In your own home when there isn't any money, what do you do? Do you go on strike against your own family?"

"'Workers' is a Marxist term I also object to when being applied to people who go to work in this country. We have entrepreneurs. We have employees. We have associates. 'Workers' exist in China, in the old Soviet Union, in North Korea, and in Cuba."

"'What do you mean freeloadersget a free ride, Rush?' Look, when somebody else is paying for most of what you get in life, you're a freeloader -- there's no other way to describe it. It might sound a little harsh, but that's why passions here are what they are."

"Schools do not exist for unions to have jobs just like corporations do not exist for members of a community to have health care benefits. That's not the purpose, folks."

"You know damn well that old Barry is monitoring 'tensions' in Madison, but he's not solving problems. Obama's busy worrying about 2012 because all that matters to him is that his most dependable voters -- public sector union members -- get serviced. He feels their pain because their pain is his pain."

"The president of the United States talks about 'winning the future' with trains and windmills. Now, if this were 1835 that would be a sure winner, but it's 2011."



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