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Friday Quotes: It's Open Line Friday!


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"Ladies and gentlemen, have any of you heard how poorly paid Wisconsin teachers are? No. And why haven't we heard that? Because they're not poorly paid, that's right."

"AFL-CIO national president Richard Trumka is expected to join thousands of demonstrators at noon in Wisconsin today. That's sort of like the head of the Muslim Brotherhood showing up at Tahrir Square in Cairo."

"Have you heard Governor Walker blame his predecessor? Have you heard him talk about the rotten situation he inherited, like our boy-child President Barack Obama always does? No."

"So the great constitutional scholar, Barack Hussein Obama, not only ignores rulings from the judicial branch, he ignores states and their laws. Apparently they didn't teach federalism in community organizing school, which is where Obama has his real degree."

"Public servants seem now to have become a protected species, like snail darters. When else in history have public servants gotten more pay, better benefits, and better retirement plans than the people who pay them?"

"Earlier when he presented his budget, President Obama said what? He said, 'We must start living within our means.' Well, if he were really and truly serious about living within our means, he would be cheering Governor Walker's courage in Wisconsin."

"If I had gone to college, Iguarantee you there would not have been one instructor who would have ever been able to indoctrinate me. I was just that firm in my resolve at what I knew and what I believed."

"You unionistas and therest of you Democrats, you better think long and hard about whether you want mob rule in this country or not, because according to all the polls -- and last November bears me out on this -- we have by far the biggest mob. It ain't even close."

"I like the idea of people driving through Madison with their car windows down, blaring this show so the protesters can hear it. That would tick them off!"

"You know, female students hitting on male students... that never happened when we were in school, Snerdley, just like the chance to wrestle with girls never happened. I tell you, it's just amazing how quickly cultural things change."



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