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Rush's Morning Update: It's Clear! February 22, 2011

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As the standoff in Wisconsin enters its second week, certain things are becoming clear. First, that the Obama regime, using its political arm, Organizing for America, has taken an active role against the duly elected governor of a state, who's trying to balance his current budget and restore long-term fiscal sanity.

So despite all of Obama's words about "living within our means" and creating a climate of political "civility," his actions are that of a partisan community organizer -- a professional political agitator -- intent on backing his donor unions at all costs.

If any of you pundits out there still think you can push this idea that Obama is "moving to the center". forget it! With his deficit-busting budget, his regime lying about Republicans wanting a government shutdown, and this assault on Governor Scott Walker,that line of "centrist" BS is now fully exposed. Pharaoh Obama is a far-left partisan hack, and there's nothing "civil" or "moderate" about him.

Another issue has become clear, and this one is no surprise or secret:There's tons of video at the Wisconsin protest of doctors(or, people representing themselves as doctors)writing phony doctors' notes to "excuse" protesting teachers from work --teachers who could be dismissed for taking days off under the guise of being sick.

Conclusion: The truth doesn't matter to liberals. The lies of liberalism are their religion, their foundation, and their reason for living.


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