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Racism Charges Must Be Refuted

RUSH: Matthew in Waco, Texas, you're next on the EIB Network. Hello.CALLER: Mr. Limbaugh, a huge honor, sir. I discovered you when I was 12. Thank you so much for all the things that you're talking about light and excellence. I really appreciate you, sir.RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much.CALLER: Man, yesterday I'm working diligently to better myself, sitting at my computer, making video programs for the iPhone -- your favorite product -- and I suddenly find myself yelling at my radio. Some...

Liberals Won't Fix Social Security

RUSH: Tim in Salem, Oregon, back to you, Open Line Friday and the phones. Hello, sir.CALLER: Dittos, Rush.RUSH: Thank you very much. When the changes are made in Social Security, what's gonna be the reaction?RUSH: Well, what specific changes do you think are inevitable?CALLER: Well, I think there's so many that I don't know.RUSH: Okay. What leads you to believe there are going to be changes in Social Security?CALLER: Because they keep talking about it all the time. They were gonna reduce...

Just Imagine This Headline: Live Ammo Found at Tea Party Protest

RUSH: I had this story yesterday, and I purposely waited all day today to add to it -- and I have to tell you, I haven't seen it anywhere. Well, it may have been reported, but I'm telling you a big deal is not being made of this. "Police made a disturbing discovery today outside the Wisconsin state Capitol Building -- dozens of rounds of live ammunition. The building has been the scene of angry protests by thousands of people over Governor Scott Walker's proposal to curb the collective bargaining...

A Unionista Challenges the Host

RUSH: Syracuse, Indiana. Chris, welcome. It's nice to have you on the EIB Network.CALLER: Hi, Rush. Uh, you probably could have gotten those grass stains out with peroxide; and white vinegar takes out underarm or perspiration stains, for future references.RUSH: All right, thank you very much.CALLER: Yes. I'm calling because I'm a 30-year trade unionist. I've called you before, but it was at the end of the program and we got cut off. Especially... Well, I'm calling because I just... I get...

Even Maha Rushie Has Questions

RUSH: It is not often that I admit what I'm going to admit. It's only because it doesn't require me to admit it. There's very little that I will admittedly not know. So when there is something that I don't know, it is somewhat of a red flag moment. It's somewhat unique. Maybe someone in this audience will have the answer to the question. How does the Department of Labor decide that people have "given up looking for work," and how do they know how many people that number is? This is important...

More Thoughts on Shared Sacrifice

RUSH: Thomas in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, your turn. Welcome to the program.CALLER: Hello, sir. Thank you very much for taking my call.RUSH: Yeah.CALLER: Great honor to be talking to you.RUSH: Thank you.CALLER: I wanted to clarify something. I think it was last week, two weeks ago, you had a gentleman who called in and was talking about "sacrifices" and "the rich don't make sacrifices, and you don't make sacrifices," and I wanted to set the record straight that they do. And their sacrifices,...

Wisconsin Idea: Deem Bill Passed

RUSH: Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Greg, welcome, too, to EIB Network and you're first on Open Line Friday. Hi.CALLER: Well, thank you, Rush, major dittos in the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan.RUSH: Thank you, sir.CALLER: You know what's going on here, and my question to you is: Couldn't our State Senate just "deem" the bill passed and send it to the governor?RUSH: Well, it would be fun to threaten to do that -- you know, just to ram it up some bodily orifices of the Democrats.CALLER: It happened...

Judge Vinson Challenges Regime

RUSH: Remember yesterday when we were chronicling how Reuters was reporting the decision from Judge Vinson and how outraged I was at the way they were choosing to report what Judge Vinson had said? I've got the whole story now, and it's worse than I even thought. The headline of their story: "Judge Refuses to Halt New Health Care Law." Now, sitting here today we know what the judge actually said. The judge is ticked off. The judge gave them seven days to expedite their appeal or the other 26...

Obama Wants Higher Gas Prices

RUSH: As we pointed out yesterday, 15 stories, negative stories blaming Bush for the gasoline price rise in 2007 and 2008. One story on Obama for every 15 Bush stories. So the question becomes: Will the media ignoring the rise in gas prices be able to keep that from becoming a major factor in people's minds over the economy and Obama's role in it? Remember, now, everything is focused on the reelection in 2012. The regime is looking at 8% unemployment. That's what they're going to get if they...

On CNN, Blitzer and Kristof Tell a Waiting World Why Khadafy is Nuts

RUSH: This is a Wolf Blitzer, last night on CNN's The Situation Room, talking with Nicholas al-Kristof of the New York Times. They're discussing al-Kristof's column yesterday about why Moammar Khadafy is nuts. They want to know why. Wolf thinks here that Kristof needs another Pulitzer, that he's brilliant. He wrote that Khadafy is "nuts," and Wolf wants know why.BLITZER: He wrote a great column, uh, today. Your bottom line conclusion, almost your lede, is that Khadafy is, in your word, "nuts."...

Why the Market is Down on What Looks Like Positive Jobless News

RUSH: Why is the market down? What is it now? Let's wait here. Doo-dee-doo-doo. It's down 111. Why is the stock market down? We finally have unemployment under 9%. Remember, now, the magic number is 8% in terms of Obama reelection, the magic number of unemployment is 8%. (interruption) Well, yeah, but... Well, let's assume they're not bogus. Since everything in politics is perception, if you get 8.9% unemployment -- and by the way, the number of jobs is 192,000. Now, we would have to create...

Rush's Morning Update: Wake-Up Call

Rush's Morning Update: Wake-Up CallMarch 7, 2011Watch It! Download Morning Update Video in QuickTimeListen to It! Windows Media Player|RealPlayer Have you asked yourself why Somali pirates felt free to execute four Americans even though we know where their bases are? Or why we had to rely on a barely-seaworthy ferry to evacuate our citizens from Libya while other nations sent their naval forces?It’s called “the Decline of U.S. Naval Power.” That’s also the headline...

Friday Quotes: It's Open Line Friday!

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"When Bush was president and the unemployment rate was 4.75%, do you ever remember the giddiness about that that there is today over 8.9%? No!""What Judge Vinson is saying is that Obama's lawyers basically ran to Illinois to avoid dealing with his ruling that the Obamacare law was unconstitutional.""The New York Times has this wacko editorial today about the need for the rich to 'sacrifice,' and Michael Moore says you just need...


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