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Rush's Morning Update: Glum

This week, AP began a story by asking why politicians are still "so glum" with the jobless rate dropping to 8.9 percent, and over 200,000 private sector jobs added last month. Claiming those numbers represent the "sharpest drop in a generation," AP then sought to explain why "both ends of the political spectrum" are "surprisingly unenthusiastic."

"Conservatives," said theAP, "fear the improvement will weaken their argument that the way to bring back jobs is less regulation and more fiscal discipline. Liberals worry that better job numbers will create momentum for spending cuts that will cause the fragile recovery to falter."

Well, let me take a stab at this. Conservatives don't fear the economy is improving -- they know better. So do voters. Everybody except AP knows that the new numbers are bogusbecause theregime changed the way unemployment rates are measuredin order to produce the "falling" rates.

The truth is thatwe still have higher unemployment rates than we've seen in a generation, and there'sno end in sight. Liberals know voters are "glum" over soaring gas and food prices, soaring deficits, and the chaos in the Mideast -- with no leadership or vision from Pharaoh Obama.

And,yes: Liberals are "glum" because they absolutely abhor spending cuts. They're also watching Republican governors dismantle the corrupt alliance Democrats have with public sector unions, which puts millions of dollars in their election campaigns. Liberals are "glum" for good reason,and his nameis... PharaohObama.


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