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Tuesday Quotes: The Truth Detector!


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"Which is the bigger problem: Japan's reactors, or our over-reactors in the news media?"

"John Conyers said it, and we have it on tape: Obamacare is simply a platform for creating a single-payer system. The thing is, our guys on the Republican side know this, too, but they don't seem to be hell-bent on stopping it."

"This isn't the nineties. We have a nation-threatening debt crisis, and the Republican opponent is a weak president who's doing more to exacerbate our problems than he is to solve them."

"We are constantly bedeviled with a fear of something, and fear kills. We fear dirty air. We fear dirty water. We feared Y2K. Some people fear coconut oil. It's just so easy to incite panic among people. It's simple."

"Fear kills. It paralyzes you. A snake could come up and bite you in the left breast and die of silicon poisoning if you had an implant, but fear kills. It just does."

"If there are Republicans -- four months after we voted for the Republicans -- who are starting to think that the people who voted for them don't want to defund Obamacare, then we have problems. We have problems, folks."

"I feel a little guilty -- I gave up recycling a long time ago. Well, it's bogus, so I gave it up."

"Leaders don't comment, they take action, but Obama's not taking any action. He's sitting around, biding his time -- which, in his case, means playing golf."

"I'll bet you that in the deepest, darkest corners of Washington, the Democrats and the Republicans get together and start bellyaching about the respective outside agitator influences they all have to deal with: 'There's too much democracy going on.' I wouldn't be surprised if that were an opinion held by some."

"LA looks a lot like Libya -- well, certain parts of it. I've been there. I've seen it."



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