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Rush's Morning Update: It Stinks?

Some liberals appear to be unhappy over the new “historic” budget deal, and even more unhappy over Pharaoh Obama’s performance. Politico reports that among Democrats there is ”real unhappiness that Obama has not done more to address the consequences of what Democrats fear will become a steady erosion in funds for government programs.”

The liberals at Salon are even more vociferous. Andrew Leonard says he finds it “sickening” to hear the Mighty Pharaoh and Harry Reid declare the budget deal is “historic,” because it’s a gamble, with an unknown outcome. But “the truly baffling part of Obama’s Presidency,” he says, “is that we don’t hear him making the big-picture case to the American public often enough. The Republican agenda is clear: rolling back the Great Society and the New Deal, keeping taxes low, and asserting that we can’t afford to take care of our poor, sick, and elderly. The Democratic agenda should be the opposite. So let’s hear it!“

For the record – Republicans do not claim we can’t afford to take care of the poor, sick, and elderly. We just can’t afford to spend ourselves into bankruptcy – supporting the union money-laundering operation – or every socialist utopian dream of an ever-expanding government.

Conventional wisdom says that if both sides are unhappy, it’s a “good compromise.” But conventional wisdom is often wrong. Perhaps, in this case, if so many on both sides are unhappy – could there be a simple reason? The “deal” just stinks?


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