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Rush's Morning Update: Just Politics

On Sunday’s “Meet the Depressed,” Treasury Secretary Timmy Geithner met the objective … of depressing the audience. That is, what little audience is left.

Geithner kept up the Regime’s fear-mongering campaign to raise the national debt ceiling. During the Bush years, Pharaoh Obama – then a lowly senator – voted against raising the debt ceiling. As did scores of other Democrats. But now, we must realize that economic doom will overwhelm the global financial markets if those pesky Republicans don’t raise it. Blah, blah, blah.

Remember, our wealthy, egghead Treasury Secretary cheated on his own taxes. Yet Geithner claimed that unless taxes on the upper middle class and wealthy are increased, we’ll have to gut our national defense and education spending – and the elderly, poor, and disabled will face unimaginable pain. He also claimed the rich are – somehow – paying fewer taxes now than they have in a decade. Even though the Bush tax cuts have been the same … since Bush.

Geithner waved off a question about the lack of experience he and other Regime appointees have in the real world, the private sector. He claimed such criticism is “just about politics.”

Mr. Secretary. Let me give you a “just-about-politics” promise. If Republicans agree to tax hikes – at the Regime’s request – they’re dead. Politically speaking. I’ll see to it. So I hope you guys have a plan “B.” Because your Plan “A” – ain’t gonna fly.


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