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Friday Quotes: It's Open Line Friday!


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"We have a president who is reviled. In places where the people who make this country work live, there's no more love, there's no more home hope, there's no more investment in change."

"The ChiComs are having to incorporate capitalism into their culture in order to survive. We just happen to be going the other way because we have a neophyte who was educated, mentored, and raised by communist socialists -- that's his experience, that's who he is."

"I get notes from people: 'How do you put up with the stupidity of some of the people who call you?' That's not the question. Those are educational opportunities. The real question for me is: How do I politely put up with the stupidity that is Obama?"

"Earth Day is a perfect example of liberalism: It started out as something nice and fuzzy and innocent -- well, not to me. I knew what it was from the get-go."

"You look at the Tea Parties and say, 'Okay, who's the grand conspirator here?' Answer: nobody. It happened because the people who make this country work were fed up and scared to death that if they didn't do something, the country as founded -- as they knew it and loved it -- was finished."

"Reagan turned that election around in 1980 with a series of questions, and the exact same questions can be asked of Obama. For example: Are you better off today than you were four years ago?"

"Why are these liberals so ticked off in the midst of what they try to tell us every day is an overwhelming Obama success? Why are these people so mad? Because they see with their own eyes everything they believe in adding up to giant failure."

"It's only over when people don't care anymore, and we haven't gotten to that point. People still care, and many cases people who have never cared all of a sudden do."

"Fred, I don't know who has educated you, but you ought to file suit, because you have been lied to. You have felt yourself a prisoner of the freest system ever devised by man for economic prosperity, and I am sadly disappointed in you, sir."

"I would much rather see money in the hands of people than in the hands of politicians. That's what it really boils down to."



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