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Monday Quotes: The Big Voice on the Right

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"So they say conservatives are dispiriting the Republicans. Well, then I guess I'm the indicted co-dispirator." "There's this word again: 'serious'. That's the new 'gravitas'. It also means boring and moderate. And it does not mean conservative. In fact, I have now figured it out. Somebody who's conservative cannot simultaneously be serious, according to the new guidelines in Washington.""Now, ladies and gentlemen, they can try...

Rush's Morning Update: Compliment!

Rush's Morning Update: Compliment!May 10, 2011Watch It! Download Morning Update Video in QuickTimeListen to It! Windows Media Player Say Folk, you remember ABC News? They’re still around; over the weekend they reported that Bin Laden’s last strategy to attack America involved exploiting minority converts. This information comes courtesy of the “treasure trove” of intelligence materials taken from the bin Laden compound in Pakistan - that rat infested crackhouse. According...

Ruling Class Washington Thinks They've Beaten Back the Tea Party

RUSH: There are major rumblings in the news media today about the terrible trouble that the Republican Party finds itself in. Juan Williams was on Fox yesterday saying the Tea Party's finished. It's over with. The Republicans are not on the same page. House and Senate Republicans and, even within the House Republican caucus, not on the same page. They're splitting apart because of Medicare, because of Paul Ryan's Medicare proposal. In the Washington Post today, there's a blog published by Chris...

Libs Praise the "Cowboy" Obama

RUSH: What do you think is more important in the media right now? At least of these two choices. There are probably more choices than this. But, as I gaze and study, and I do that a lot, what's more important to the media: Trying to convince us that Bin Laden was still in charge of al-Qaeda, or trying to convince us that Obama was in charge of the raid that killed him? You think they're working harder on that? The latter? They're working overtime on trying to convince us that Obama was in...

The Millionaire Mastermind Lived Like a Homeless Guy in a Pigsty

RUSH: Last night on 60 Minutes this is Obama discussing the planning of the raid that got Osama.OBAMA: This was in a residential neighborhood. I mean one of the ironies of this is, you know, I think the image that Bin Laden had tried to promote was that he was an ascetic living in a cave. This guy was living in a million-dollar compound in a residential neighborhood.RUSH: He was living in a pigsty. I mean for crying out loud he was living in a glorified hut. He wants to continue with this...

Conservatism is on the Rise, But Libs Want You to Think Otherwise

RUSH: Let me reiterate this, just kind of briefly summarize it from the first hour. If you're a welfare recipient and you're just getting up, just now tuning in to the show or what have you, I'm not gonna go through the entire first hour again, but today, ladies and gentlemen, as is the case most days, the Drive-Bys are filled with stories about all the problems the Republican Party's having, "Man, this Medicare proposal of Paul Ryan's, it's killing the party. They gotta throw it overboard. They...

Seminar Callers Defend Daniels

RUSH: If the media succeeds in scaring the entire Republican apparatus into buying what they report -- and that has been a problem. You and I both know it. One of the problems that we faced over the years is that you and I understand what the media is trying to do. The Republicans fall prey to it -- and if it keeps up, the whole damn apparatus is gonna need to go out to San Francisco and get an addadictomy operation (and Lord knows that's not what we hope becomes necessary).Here's Scott in Fort...

How Do We Make People Like Us? Ronald Reagan Knew the Answer

RUSH: Let me read to you from Ronaldus Magnus at CPAC. Unfortunately, this, by the way, was something that I never foresaw happening today. I did not show prep this on one story. I did not intend this program to be bouncing off of one story I shared in the first segment of the first hour, but that's what's happened. Chris Cillizza, the Washington Post: "Mitch Daniels, the Man Who Could Reshape the Republican Field." Chris Cillizza, who will vote for Obama, with a piece telling us who the Republicans...


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