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Monday Quotes: Don't Doubt Me


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"Anybody could take Obama down in a debate. It's not a question of could. It's a question of do they have the fortitude and guts to try."

"No Democrat ever has qualms about running for office. They're not worried about how their personal lives might end up harming them. They're not worried about a media anal exam. But it's a daily reality for Republicans."

"Daniels not running has upset a whole lot of apple carts in the Republican elite. This was an entire political apparatus set up here that was comprised of people wanting back in the White House, and Daniels was their vessel. And one of the reasons they wanted Daniels was that they could control him."

"I wouldn't be a bit surprised if you see a very visible and concerted effort to push Huntsman to the top on the part of the inside-the-Beltway Republican elite and the media."

"Did you know that Obama is from Ireland? He is from Ireland today."

"The right of return basically is the Palestinian demand that grandchildren and children of displaced Palestinians all the way back to 1948 be allowed to return to what is now Israel, to their homes. We're talking four and a half, five million people. If that happened it would be the end of Israel, which is what the objective is throughout the Arab world."

"Obama wants Israel to commit suicide, and I can't believe people are getting all bent outta shape because of Benjamin Netanyahu's refusal to commit suicide in public at a joint appearance with Obama on Friday."

"The Israelis will never go for a right of return and the Palestinians will never go without it. So there is no peace and there will be no resolution, and Obama not mentioning it is irresponsible."

"It's clear who Obama is. He's the sum of his choices. We all are. It's just that his choices ain't us."

"By the way, I talked to Trump and I asked him if his investigators are still in Hawaii, and he said they weren't. They were gone. But I was gonna pay him to see if perhaps we could find Netanyahu birth certificate records there."

"Look for there to be a media and Republican establishment push for Jon Huntsman to take the place that Mitch Daniels was going to occupy in the Republican sweepstakes."



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