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Rush's Morning Update: Upon an America (Part 2)

Once upon an America – the government didn’t decide who was “too big to fail,” or too small to succeed; the people who bought things and used services decided all that. It worked.

Once upon an America – the government didn’t own car companies – or tell you which cars they’d like you to buy. In fact, some of the automobiles deemed classics today were manufactured by companies that ceased operating ages ago. It worked.

Once upon an America – we didn’t have to redefine what marriage was, what a family was, or what the meaning of the word “is,” is. It worked.

Once upon an America – birds tweeted, not perverted politicians; Presidents didn’t diddle interns; their spouses were proud of the country before their husbands were nominated; and the First Family’s preacher said “God bless America” instead of “G.D. America.” It worked.

Once upon an America – it was illegal to be here illegally; there were no sanctuary cities – only American cities. It worked.

Once upon an America – a government agency wouldn’t dare tell an American company in which state they had to locate their new assembly plant. They figured the business knew best. As they did – and still do.

Once upon an America – we were proud of our independence. From government. Because we could mange our own affairs quite nicely without government help. It worked. So how about now in America? Has liberalism worked?


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