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Democrats Are Thinking About Hillary in 2012


RUSH: I just want to put another thought in your head. If you think that the Democrat Party is not thinking Hillary Clinton as a primary opponent to Obama, you are not thinking. Folks, if Hillary Clinton were president right now and the same circumstances existed, they would be thinking about Obama primary-ing her. Not "marrying," primary-ing. I am here to tell you that deep in the bowels (and that's what they are) of the Democrat Party, they're thinking this.


RUSH: Justin in Manhattan, great to have you on the be a EIB. Hello.

CALLER: Hello. It's a privilege to speak to you, Rush.original

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir.

CALLER: I wish it was under better circumstances, though. Obama's delay alone caused the market to drop a hundred -- and while he was talking, of course, the market went under 11,000 for the for the first time since fall of last year, which lends credence to what you're saying about him doing this on purpose. But my question is about how you started the show about Obama being a Debt Man Walking, Barackalypse, and Obamageddon and all it is, my question is: If the Democrats see that this is a sinking ship and he's "landslide beatable" as you say, my concern is: What strategies do you think the Democrats will do -- because we know they're capable of anything -- beyond simply, for example, Hillary objecting somebody coming in to save the day through a primary. What about other things like they did, the Bob Torricelli approach in New Jersey, where he came in he left and Frank Lautenberg came in to save the day. What things do you think they're capable of doing in that regard, and if there's time one other really quick point to make.

RUSH: Well, now, I want to make sure I understand what you mean because Clinton telling Andrew Cuomo and Torricelli to flee is one thing. There's nobody's gonna tell Obama to get out of there and then put somebody else in. You mean and give up his seat so somebody else can run and be nominated, you mean? Is that the scenario you're talking about?

CALLER: Well, anything, because the only thing stopping this would be, like you said, Obama's ego. But we're seeing all these stories coming out. Peggy Noonan had an article a couple of weeks ago. We're seeing all the reports that the left is furious with Obama. They're disgusted with him. There's no leadership. So the only thing stopping this would be Obama's ego in which case you would need an outright primary challenge. But at a certain point, you know, Democrats say, "You know, this guy's thrown us under the bus so long." Do you see there to be anything that we need to worry about, about them pulling some kind of sleazy tactic to replace Obama and have somebody come in and run.

RUSH: Well, something sleazy? I don't know what sleazy thing they could do to replace him -- unless, you know, they wanted to plant their own scandal evidence and Tiger Woods the guy.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: But, you know (sigh), I don't see that. What I think is happening -- and I would be surprised if it's not happening, let me put it this way. If Hillary had been elected and everything the same has happened, I guarantee you that the Obama crowd would be urging him to run against her and primary her for the nomination just like Ted Kennedy ran against Jimmy Carter. Ted Kennedy's problem was Roger Mudd of CBS News did an interview and said, "Why do you want to be president?" and Kennedy couldn't say anything other than Chappaquiddick, "B'duh, b'duh, b'duh, Chappaquiddick." He couldn't answer it, so he blew his chances. My thinking is that the same thing is go on now, that the people in the Hillary camp are now fantasizing -- if not more so. I don't know whether it's Hillary or somebody else. It could be Andrew Cuomo. You know, Andrew Cuomo is setting the world on fire as governor of New York. He's doing it with conservative policies, by the way, but still he's setting the world on fire up there, and I guarantee you that Democrats do not want to lose the White House, and if they think Obama is gonna lose it for them, the only thing that would stand in their way is his race.


RUSH: The only thing that would stand in their way, in anybody's way, would be, "Well, do this for the first black president? Do we as Democrats do this to the first black president?" But I guarantee you that there are people on the Democrat side looking at this who want no part of it -- and what they're thinking, in my mind, is impossible to know, but I just wouldn't doubt it. If I were to hear that there were plans of Democrats trying to put somebody up to run against him for the nomination in 2012, I wouldn't be surprised. But something scandalous or other than that? Nah. In fact, this week Harvey Weinstein, the brilliant movie producer, they're gonna have a $2 million dinner, fundraiser for Obama down in SoHo or the West village or something. So he's still got plenty of idolatrous support among Hollywood types and all that. Granted we're not talking --

CALLER: Rush, assuming he'll be the nominee, can I say one other thing really, really quickly?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Which is, please, can you get out the word, and can we please urge all the Republican candidates and the eventual nominee to get out the word: Arthur Brooks, AEI president, in his book, The Battle, documented how not only is Obama behind some of the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac that is responsible for the crash, but he is the number two beneficiary and recipient of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac campaigns, or his campaign was, their campaign contributions. Number one was of course was Chris Dodd. But Arthur Brooks documents this, and we gotta get out the word that Obama not only is responsible in partly causing the crash, he directly benefited from it.

RUSH: Well, we could do that, but that's just part of it. He's responsible for everything. The other side of what I'm saying is that this is not my dad's DNC. This is not the Democrat Party of my dad's era. This is the DNC of this era, and the movers and shakers of this DNC are thrilled at what's happening here. I have explained several times on this program: There are Americans who hate this country as founded. They are all in the Democrat Party, or they all vote Democrat. It is a number that has grown because of the number of professors and the curriculum at college campuses and so forth, the whole education system; and there is such a deep class envy resentment and hatred for this country. There are people who still cheer Obama when he apologizes for the country.

There are still people who cheer when 30 SEAL team members are killed in Afghanistan, because they believe it's immoral for us to be there in the first place -- and people like that vote Democrat. (interruption) Don't frown at me, Snerdley. You know damn well there are people who celebrate American military defeat because it advances their agenda. You know damn well there are Americans who celebrate. Hell, a lot of them teach courses in political science and history at some of the top-tier Ivy League universities in this country! Read David Horowitz, FrontPageMag and his website. He's made a career out of documenting what's going on in the American higher education system.

The Democrats who would perhaps run against Obama would be those opportunistic who sense a weakness and think maybe they could get hold of things. Not because they worry about what's happening to the country but because it's an opening for them. I should have been more specific when saying that. One of Obama's top fundraisers, one of Obama's top bundlers is this founder of CODEPINK. What's her name? Joni something or other. Jodie Evans. You don't think so? I mean CODEPINK? You don't think she doesn't quietly cheer every American military defeat? She sent thousands to Fallujah, and then there's Medea Benjamin, also CODEPINK. These people... There are a lot of people that just despise this country and any aspect of its success. Financial, economic power, they resent it. So not every American is upset over this. A lot of people are happy people are losing their net worth!



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