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General George S. Patton's Poem: "Fear"


RUSH: I mentioned earlier in the program that George Patton in 1945 wrote a poem for which he was paid $250 from Cosmopolitan, a poem called "Fear -- I am that dreadful, blighting thing, Like rat holes to the flood. Like rust that gnaws the faultless blade, like microbes to the blood. I know no mercy and no truth, The young I blight, the old I slay. Regret stalks darkly in my wake; ignominy dogs my way. Sometimes, in virtuous garb I rove, With facile talk of easier way; Seducing where I dare not rap. Young manhood, from it's honor's sway. Again, in awesome guise I rush, stupendous, through the ranks of war, turning to water, with my gaze, hearts that, before, no foe could awe. The maiden who has strayed from right, To me must pay the mead of shame. The patriot who betrays his trust, to me must owe his tarnished name. I spare no class, nor cult, nor creed. My course is endless through the year. I bow all heads and break all hearts, all owe me homage -- I am FEAR."

That just happened to come to me, because I am so focused on the nature under which the Republicans had conducted their debt deal negotiations, totally under the guise within the context of fear -- and again I have to tell you that everything they said would happen if we didn't do that debt deal, has happened, except the default. Everything they said would happen to this country if we didn't do that debt deal has happened BECAUSE we did the debt deal. Now, a lot of kids, a lot of youths, when they get up and fire up their computers after they're finished playing their games, they go to Yahoo News service. So I went to Yahoo News service today. I wanted to see what top stories American youth would see when they logged into the Yahoo News service.

Here are the top stories of Yahoo News service this morning: VA Doctors Rusty on Women's Care Learn New Skills. Duncan: States Will Get School Testing Waivers. Former Senator Mark Hatfield of Oregon Dies at Age 89. Diana Nyad, 61, Attempts Record Cuba-Florida Swim. Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber Win Teen Choice Awards. Yankees Fall to Red Sox in Ten, Drop into Second place. Pediatrician: Sports in Heat Okay with Precautions. These were the top stories on Yahoo News when I first checked this morning. What downgrade? What financial crisis? Still, I guess it's good to know it's safe for kids to do sports in the summertime, as long as they don't get too carried away or are trying to win. As long as they're not trying to win it's okay to do sports in the summertime.

That's from pediatricians. That's big news on Yahoo. George Patton once said, "Courage is fear holding on a minute longer." If we hadn't done the debt deal, folks -- if we hadn't done the debt deal -- we would have had an immediate 40% spending cut. If we hadn't done it, if we had not raised the debt ceiling, we wouldn't have been downgraded. If we had held firm -- and we would not have defaulted, either. We would not have defaulted, and we would have not lost our credit rating if we had not raised the debt ceiling -- and it was the Tea Party that was advocating not raising the debt ceiling.



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