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Obama Regime Tripled Down on Failure - and Faults the Tea Party?


RUSH: This interesting paragraph, this is Drew Westen yesterday in the New York Times. After basically saying that Obama's not tough enough, not confrontational enough, he actually says Obama's not liberal enough. That's his problem. He hasn't been liberal enough. These people are deranged! They're delusional. But this guy had one interesting paragraph, and here it is. Psychology Professor Drew Westen. I haven't heard of the guy. The New York Times found him; he had this piece in the New York Times yesterday. "A second possibility is that Obama is simply not up to the task by virtue of his lack of experience and a character defect that might not have been so debilitating at some other time in history.

"Those of us who were bewitched by his eloquence on the campaign trail chose to ignore some disquieting aspects of his biography, that he had accomplished very little before
originalhe ran for president, having never run a business or a state. That he had singularly unremarkable career as a law professor, publishing nothing in 12 years at the University of Chicago Law School other than an autobiography, and that before joining the United States Senate he had voted present instead of yay or nay 130 times, sometimes dodging difficult issues." Now, you in this audience know all of that. We discussed all of that. The Drive-By Media never said a syllable of any of that during the campaign, and that's just one little paragraph in an otherwise long essay blaming Obama for not being liberal enough, not being tough enough.

But maybe it boils down to he just isn't qualified. He's never done anything. Many people have made the point before: Obama taught law for 12 years at the University of Chicago, and many people have pointed out have you ever heard -- has the media ever found -- a student of Obama's who talks about how inspired he was by Obama? No. There is no such person. The media has not found one such student or anybody from Harvard where Obama was on Law Review, and there also didn't publish anything. They haven't found one student or one colleague or one associate who said they were inspired, mesmerized, or motivated whatsoever by Barack Obama. He has almost a blank slate past.

So you ask in retrospect, how did he get elected? (snorts) That's not hard to explain. The media drummed up such hatred for George W. Bush, combined with the phony spin package that The Messiah had come and attached to Obama, and, voila! Here we are. I want to go back. Grab audio sound bite 31. This is interesting. As you know, the regime first tried to say -- I think it was the little tax cheat, Tim Geithner; somebody in the regime tried to say -- that the downgrade of our credit rating by Standard & Poor's was a $2 trillion math error, remember that? Sometime over the weekend. Yeah, that was Geithner, yeah, $2 trillion. This is not the first time this regime has claimed such a thing. I want you to go back, listen to me, myself, August 24th, 2009. On Friday, August 21st, Obama had left for vacation on Martha's Vineyard. On Friday August 21st. Then on the following Monday, August 24th, I said the following.

RUSH AUGUST 24, 2009: Folks, we live in two parallel worlds here. We live in the real world, and then we live in the Obama-snorting world. In the real world, we just learned in a document dump late Friday afternoon, that the national debt would increase not by one or two billion dollars, not by ten or 20 billion, but by $2,000 billion, $2 trillion. That's how much we are going to be adding to the national debt via the deficit, annual budget deficit: $2,000 billion. But in the Obama-snorting world out there with the State-Controlled Media, we hear that Obama's "fiscally responsible," and we hear that he will "cut deficits." And he says it persuasively, elegantly, believably. It happens. He speaks within the expertise of his audience's understanding. Meanwhile, the debt is piling up at record rate, unseen in this nation ever. Yet we hear that Obama is responsible, that he's fiscally responsible, that he's going to be cutting these deficits and that's why we have to do health care. That $2,000 billion more -- $2 trillion, $2,000 billion more in debt -- is before the additional $1,000 billion to $2,000 billion more that Obamacare will add to it. The new debt figure was the biggest news of the year, and so far it's the least reported news of the year.

RUSH: That was August 24th of 2009, almost two years ago on this program. This, folks, is what I mean when I say, "We've doubled down and tripled down on what doesn't work." Whatever doesn't work, we do it again -- even more vigorously than we did it the first time -- and if doesn't work the second time we get even more excited and we triple down on it. This regime has taken what doesn't work and added to it. So on Friday, August 21st, Obama leaves for vacation. They have a little document dump and say, "Oh, by the way, we had a little miscalculation. We were wrong the other day. Our national debt's gonna go up by $2 trillion as a result of policies to date." That was as of two years ago. Folks, that is his first year!

He was immaculated in January of 2009, this is August. In eight months the White House announced on Friday in August before he goes on vacation, the national debt has been added $2 trillion. Now where we are? Two years after that, nearly two years after that we've come down and lost our AAA credit rating. Does anybody still want to try to maintain to me, "Well, this is just... You know, they haven't spent enough yet, Mr. Limbaugh. Keynesian economics doesn't work, sir! They just haven't spent enough money, and the Tea Party is ultimately responsible for it." The Tea Party? The Tea Party! Did you see Obama's campaign manager, Axelrod, was on one of the talking head shows over the weekend? He blamed the Tea Party for the S&P downgrade! He called it the Tea Party downgrade.

Now, there are some lies that are so outrageous it's almost impossible to believe anybody would utter them until you remember that Axelrod used to be a journalist, and then it's
originaleasy to accept that he would utter such a lie! But let's review, because it's not just Axelrod. It's that stupid, long faced John Kerry (who served in Vietnam), and a number of others are trying to blame them. Dingy Harry is trying to blame the Tea Party. The Tea Party is the only group that has ever pushed for real deficit reduction! In fact, the Tea Party is the only group to offer a plan to reduce the deficit. It was called Cut, Cap, and Balance. Yet, according to Axelrod, the downgrade is all the Tea Party's fault!

That's what liberals call "logic," and the rest of the world calls laughable bald-faced lies.

Speaking of liars, it's only natural that John Kerry (who served in Vietnam) would parrot Axelrod's lines. After all, Kerry got his start in politics parroting the most outrageous lies about soldiers in Vietnam. Is also amusing to hear Howard Dean say the Tea Party's out of touch with reality. Howard Dean! He went on to mock the only people who pushed for a reduction in spending. The group that forced this debt discussion in the first place, the only group to offer an actual plan to reduce the deficit: The Tea Party. By the way, where is David Axelrod's plan to reduce the deficit? Where is John F. Kerry's plan to reduce the deficit? And where is Obama's plan to reduce the deficit? And where is Nancy Pelosi's plan, and where is Steny Hoyer's plan? Where is Maxine Waters' plan?

They haven't presented a budget in over 800 days. They have no plan whatsoever other than to preside over this disaster. None of these Democrat luminaries have the slightest idea what to do. All they can do is smear the only people who are trying to fix the problem. Now, the White House did put out a hilarious trial balloon over the weekend via TheHill.com. The headline was: "White House: S&P Downgrade is Why Obama Pushed for Grand Bargain." Ha! (laughing) Funny, but if this was so important to saving the country maybe the regime should have written something down and had a plan about it!

The S&P downgrade is why Obama Pushed for grand bargain? The bipartisan House of Representatives passed a bill the S&P has said would have prevented the downgrade: The Cut, Cap, and Balance bill. Guess what, Mr. President? The S&P said Cut, Cap, and Balance, if you'd have passed that (and it was bipartisan) it would have prevented the downgrade. But Obama and his allies wouldn't even discuss it, let alone allow it to come up for a vote. Why? They are not interested in what works. That is so obvious. All it takes is the courage to admit it. So what the Democrats are trying now is to use the downgrade just like they use every crisis: As an excuse to raise taxes.

That is always job one. Meanwhile, we are supposed to forget the Democrats had supermajorities in both houses of Congress and the White House for most of the last two years, and they didn't once pass one bill to raise taxes. They had their chance, but the Democrats don't want to raise taxes unless they can blame the Republicans for it. That's how concerned they are about saving the country. In fact, they're not concerned about saving the country. Barackalypse Now, Obamageddon, has as the primary purpose the discrediting of the Tea Party and Republicans, conservatives -- and, of course, the destruction of United States capitalism.



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