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Rush's Morning Update: Just the Facts!


One of the first politicians reacting to the S&P decision to downgrade America's credit rating – for the first time in history – was Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. In a statement, Dingy Harry claimed the S&P reaffirmed Democrats' for higher taxes. Following the class warfare lead of Pharaoh Obama, Reid also took an unwarranted shot at oil companies and corporate jet owners.

Yes, the S&P did cite political deadlock as one reason for lowing our credit rating – for the first time in history. But they said absolutely nothing about raising taxes on the people who make this country work – and thus are the only people actually making payments on our debt right now.

So, Dingy Harry, and the rest of you Democrats – for once, let's stick to the facts. And here they are. For the first time in history – our debt rating is less than "triple A," under President Barack Hussein Obama. That's a fact. Our credit rating was lowered after a massive spending spree implemented by Barack Obama and Democrats in the House and Senate. That's a fact.

Even if you flat-out confiscated every wealthy person's income, there isn't near enough money to pay for the Democrats' spending spree. That's also a fact.

There is an easy answer to restore America's creditworthiness, and our finances. In November 2012 – fire Barack Obama, fire every Democrat running for office. That will do more to restore financial confidence in America than any other move. And that's also – a fact!



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