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Obama's Growing Enemies List


RUSH: Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. Happy to have you along. I am Rush Limbaugh, your guiding light. Talent on loan from God-d. You have a say "God-d." You just can't say "talent on loan from God."

I used to watch as how. When I was at Kansas City, they had a religious TV station, and they had this guy. He had the perfect evangelist hair. You ever noticed those guys always have the hair? The TV evangelist, what was his name? Jimmy. Jimmy Swaggart had the perfect hair. The guy probably spent hours before airtime blow-drying it, coloring it and all that, and this guy would set a globe on fire at the end of every program as his fundraising technique and say, "This is what's coming." It was very effective. (laughing) It's kind of like what's happening now, except that his of course was in a Satanic context: Going to hell. With global warming, if it ever is true, that's probably what it means, is that earth's going to hell. Anyway, he'd set the globe on fire, and he'd be talking about, "And God-d..." You just can't say, "Talent on loan from God." It just doesn't penetrate out there.

Anyway, telephone number, and we will get to your phone calls in this hour, is 800-282-2882. The e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

originalObama canceled his trip here to Springfield, Virginia, but this is from the White House website, the preview of the trip. Now listen to this. You tell me if this is in touch or out of touch. "Later in the morning," comma, "the president will visit Interstate Moving Services in Springfield, Virginia, to announce first of their kind fuel efficiency standards for work trucks, buses, and other heavy-duty vehicles. The new standards will save American businesses who operate and own these commercial vehicles tens of billions of dollars in fuel costs and will dramatically reduce oil consumption and cut pollution." Now, somebody wised up and canceled this whole thing. I mean, that's the last thing -- even if your objective is to destroy the capitalist sector -- to focus on. (chuckles) There aren't any trucks.

You have a single-minded, far leftist agenda here that is clueless about reality on the ground to the American people. There is no empathy, there is no concern for what's happening to people -- and all we're to do, if you listen to Obama, is we have enemies that we're supposed to hate. S&P is the latest Obama target we are to hate. Yesterday it was the Tea Party. So many enemies, it's hard to keep track. See, Obama wants us to hate insurance companies, he wants us to hate oil companies, he wants us to hate coal companies. Fact is if you go back and listen to the sound bite from the UK, it's exactly what those rioters and protesters are saying. The rich people, business owners are causing this. This is a tactic. This is being done on purpose. This is not just some isolated leftist's view. This is a strategy.

Hate the insurance companies, hate the oil companies, hate coal companies, hate corporate jet owners, hate corporate jet manufacturers, hate yacht companies, hate yacht owners, hate credit card companies, hate student loan companies, hate mortgage companies, hate millionaires, hate billionaires, hate anybody who earns $200,000 a year, hate McDonald's, hate Fox, hate me, hate the Koch brothers. How many people even know who the Koch brothers are? Hate the Supreme Court, hate Bibi Netanyahu, hate the state of Arizona, hate the state of Texas, and on and on. Have you noticed Obama is at war with an endless list of enemies? He is at war with all aspects of our country, and particularly with the aspects of our country that generate wealth and success.

Hate Walmart, hate drug companies, hate George W. Bush, hate Republicans -- not simply dislike or oppose -- hate Sarah Palin. At the same time they try to tell us that we are the angry white people. We're the angry white men. We're the ones with the hatred that emanates from the White House and the hatred that emanates from the left is ultra-profound.



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