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Rush's Morning Update: NAG Defense?


In an unusual departure from past practice, the National Association of Gals – the NAG gang – has defended a conservative woman from attack by the state-controlled Drive-By Media.

A formerly widely read newsmagazine, Newsweek, ran a cover story on Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann. Below an unflattering photo of the candidate – a common tactic the left uses to denigrate conservatives – is the caption, "The Queen of Rage."

NAG president Terry O'Neill actually called Newsweek "sexist" – criticizing the magazine for casting Bachmann "as a nut job," even though she is "a serious contender" for President. "The 'Queen of Rage' is something you apply to wrestlers or somebody who is crazy," says O'Neill. "They didn't even do this to Howard Dean when he had his famous scream."

Now, the NAGs admit they want to defeat Bachmann. But they say that this kind of coverage prevents women of all political stripes from seeking office. So – suddenly – these liberal gals have found their voices, and are up in arms over Newsweek's routine bigoted treatment.

When the Clintons dragged women's reputations though the mud, with their infamous "bimbo eruptions" and "nuts-and-sluts" strategies – even against liberal women who accused Bill of sexually abusing them – the NAGs were silent. When Sarah Palin was put through a relentless, hate-filled Drive-By Media hell – the NAGS said zip.

So, why now? And why Michele Bachmann? We may never know. After all, who among us can really explain the ways of women ... or NAGs? Hmmm?