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Tuesday Quotes: Rush's Pearls of Wisdom

"Bright people don't go into journalism. It's that simple."

"All of Obamacare was done in secret, and where was the New York Times wondering about the secrecy and who was involved and what they were saying?"

"There is no happiness in socialism. There is no nirvana. There is no utopia."

"A lot of Americans have just had a big chunk taken out of their 401(k)s and their pension plans. Shouldn't Americans be out rioting and looting? Instead everybody just got up and those that have jobs went to work as usual. Rioting and looting is strictly the privilege of the new leisured class, meaning the wards of the state."

"We're in the fix Obama wanted, folks. I can't say it in too many different ways: We are exactly where Obama wanted. He's going away on vacation very happy."

"Norah O'Donnell, she just left NBC and went over to CBS, and you know why she left? Money. Now, you and I do things for money, we're horrid people. Why, we're greedy, selfish, thinking only of ourselves."

"People don't want to be insulted by losers! McCain is a loser!"

"Congress is away on a five week recess. Frankly, that's the best thing that can happen, government doing nothing. As opposed to what they have been doing, doing nothing's a win."

"You want to talk about secrecy? Our own government has been putting together some of the most important destructive legislation in our history in secret."

"Most people have no clue whatsoever what the London riots are really about, and it's not hooliganism. Hooliganism is the result. Hooliganism is what's happening, but it isn't why."

"The EIB Network, let's just say it, everything that's right about the country, we are home to."

"Obama is at war with an endless list of enemies? He is at war with all aspects of our country, and particularly with the aspects of our country that generate wealth and success."

"Our esteemed leader so obviously upset about the state of the economy, and he still managed to attend two more campaign fundraisers last night, and it was even his birthday."

"People are watching their own economic lives being destroyed and probably the economic futures of their children and grandchildren, and even their sperm! People's sperm's taxes are being spent already. People's sperm don't have a chance."

"The United States Constitution is quite clear on how legislation is made, and it is in the open. This debt deal, for example, we don't know how that went down. That and the Obamacare was totally done in secret."

"People's homes are destroyed, $2 trillion in asset value in the stock market destroyed, 401(k)s gone, Keogh plans gone -- and Obama has the audacity to tell people that they're not doing their fair share?"

"The market is up today because it's a spoiled baby crying to daddy Bernanke for QE3."

"Not only are Democrats taxing sperm, another way to look at it, the Democrats are taxing babies that haven't been aborted yet -- and they want to do even more of it."

"Liberalism is the most gutless choice you can make: It's an easy sell. But, see, it never works. It never comes to fruition."

"We've updated the list of enemies that Obama has, the enemies that he wants us to have. S&P is just the latest Obama target that we are to hate. Yesterday it was the Tea Party. Every day it's the Tea Party. He has so many enemies, it's hard to keep track."

"As a giant in the industry and in humanity, I could never be a hobbit and I could not be happy being a hobbit, but if you want to be one, and if you draw strength from it, have at it! I myself will remain a giant, happily so, and they know it. Don't call me a hobbit."


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