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We're Getting What Obama Wants


RUSH: Did I call it or did I call it? The stock market, as we speak -- it was down over 600 points yesterday -- is now up 210. So I checked the e-mail. "You told us it would be up today. You knew it would be up today. Is it up for the reason that you said?" I'll be honest with you: Only partially. I was partially right, but for the most part, the market is up today because it's a spoiled baby crying to daddy Bernanke for QE3. The market boys are expecting the Fed to move in with a new policy, print some more money. This market is up, as they say in some quarters, "on the come."

Greetings, folks, great to have you with us. It's El Rushbo, the all-knowing, all-caring, all-sensing, all-feeling, all-concerned, all-everything Maha Rushie sitting here behind the one and only Golden EIB Microphone at the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies, Ideological Purity. Telephone number if you want to be on the program, 800-282-2882. The e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

originalAll right, Snerdley, you trying to distract me with this look on your face. What's the problem? (interruption) You can't believe he's blaming other people? You can't believe he's...? I hope he keeps blaming other people. It isn't working any more. This is not flying, but he is blaming other people. In fact, get this: He had two fundraisers last night! Our esteemed leader so obviously upset about the state of the economy, and he still managed to attend two more campaign fundraisers last night, and it wasn't even his birthday. I mean, that's really a tribute, folks, to the indomitable human spirit of a Debt Man Walking. Barackalypse Now, Obamageddon. In fact, they were talking about that on Fox this morning, the Fox & Friends show. The cohost, Weather Guy Steve Doocy was talking to Eric Bolling of the Fox Business Network, and Doocy said, "You know, Rush Limbaugh said yesterday? He said Obama's a 'Debt Man Walking in 2012.' He went on to say, 'Obamageddon. That's now what we've witnessed since Friday. It's Barackalypse Now.'"

BOLLING: Can I point out how important what Rush just said is? There are about 10 or 12 states that are rated AAA right now.

DOOCY: That's right.

BOLLING: At some point the ratings agencies are gonna say --

DOOCY: It's all tied together.

BOLLING: -- "Hey, they're getting a lot of their funding from the federal government. If they're getting federal government at AA+ ratings, there's no way they can survive a AAA rating," and that is gonna affect millions of investors.

RUSH: That's how important what I said yesterday was. It's important every day, folks. We all know this. Obama is out blaming everybody else, but get this from the Associated Press. The headline says it all: "Obama Sees Political Opportunity in Debt Crisis -- President Barack Obama says there's some good news from the bitterly partisan debt debate -- it made people so frustrated with Washington that Democrats will be able to draw a clear divide with Republicans heading into the 2012 election. The president said Monday that the public thought divided government might make some sense -- but not dysfunctional government. And he said he thinks they're not persuaded by what he described as the Republican strategy of slashing spending on social programs."

This is all this ever was to them. It's a political opportunity. The thing is, there already was a clear divide. We have had a clear divide for decades. It has just now come into clear focus with the election of Barack Obama. The question really is, "Are we gonna have a nominee on our side that will take advantage of this divide, or are we gonna have a wimp?" Are we gonna have somebody who's not gonna be willing to take it to them. Obama is out, folks. Obama and the White House have made it clear what their campaign strategery is. They do not have a record to run on and so they're not even gonna make a pretense of running on their record. They are on a search-and-destroy mission.

They are going to destroy with the media's help, and you see what kind of assistance they can get from Newsweek with the cover photo they did on Michele Bachmann. It's gonna be search-and-destroy whoever it is. If it's Romney...
originalThe White House is saying, "We're gonna destroy the Republican nominee. We're gonna attack personally. We're gonna attack politically," and that's all they've got. They can't run on their record. So Obama's looking at this as a political opportunity. Now, yesterday we had a quite interesting program, and I opened up asking, "Can there be any doubt now that this is on purpose?" and I talked to some people yesterday afternoon and last night, friends of mine, and they said, "You know, I -- I -- I agree with you about it, but I -- I -- I just don't -- I -- I don't want to think it. I don't want to think it."

I know that a lot of people don't want to think that the country has as a president somebody who so abhors the way the country was founded and so abhors capitalism that his objective is to destroy it. They know it. They don't want to believe it. It is a tough thing. Now, maybe it is just a coincidence. Let me try it a different way. Maybe it is just a coincidence after all. But I want you to think about it this way. If someone really was trying to destroy this economy, wouldn't they do precisely what Obama is doing? Let me ask you this. If somebody was really trying to destroy this economy, what would they do differently? Maybe think about it in those terms: What would they do differently?

Keep in mind now, if you're president, and your objective is to destroy the economy, you have to do it on the sly. You can't come out and ever say that's what you're doing. In fact, you have to make it look like you're doing just the opposite. You have to make it look like, by virtue of what you say, that you want jobs to be created, but what you do doesn't do anything of the sort and what you do doesn't cause anything other than total chaos and economic destruction. What would you do differently? If you wanted to destroy this country, and you were president, and you knew the limitations that were on you -- you'd have to do it while making sure people don't understand or believe or accept that's what you're doing -- what would you do differently than what he's doing?

Somebody tell me. Maybe look at it that way. Well, he'd raise taxes if he could, and he has. He'd raise taxes if he could and he's gonna continue to preach for them. Look, he came out yesterday and what did he say that the S&P downgrade means? Raise taxes! On those who can most afford it, who are not paying their fair share. With unemployment, real unemployment at 11.3% to 20%, how can he approach the people in this country and tell anybody in this country that they're not doing their fair share? People's homes are destroyed, $2 trillion in asset value in the stock market destroyed, 401(k)s gone, Keogh plans gone -- and he has the audacity to tell people that they're not doing their fair share? What? How do you say that in a circumstance like that?

originalYou say something like that maybe in times of prosperity but not in the million dollars of economic wreckage. You don't say people aren't doing their fair share. We talk about what "shared sacrifice," is that the term? When's he gonna start sacrificing? When's the government going to start sacrificing? And who isn't sacrificing already? They're watching their own economic life destroyed and probably the economic futures of their children and grandchildren, and even their sperm! Take a look at it that way. People's sperm's taxes are being spent already. People's sperm don't have a chance, folks, if this keeps up.

And why wouldn't Obama be happy with the US having its credit rating downgraded? He says it's a political opportunity. It's a political opportunity to show the divide. He's looking at it in a political opportunity today. Hasn't he always wanted to see America brought down a peg or two? Somewhere you know that Jeremiah Wright just has to be as happy as he can be. "America's chickenssss are coming home to roost."



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