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Don't Worry About Trump, Folks


RUSH: Jerry in Hermitage, Pennsylvania.

CALLER: Rush, it's an honor to talk to you.

RUSH: I know. Thank you very much.

CALLER: And I just wanted to say this. I've been listening for 22 years. I want to go back to the dittos, triple-L dittos to you and your brother, David.

RUSH: Thank you.

originalCALLER: That's "long live Limbaugh."

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir. I appreciate that.

CALLER: Okay, Rush, you said about an hour ago or so about the only way the Democrats and Obama can win is through fraud, and you're right about that. But there's another way they can win and that's what I'm worried about. Donald Trump says he might run as an independent.

RUSH: Yeah, I saw that. I did. If the Republicans don't nominate the right guy Trump said that he might get be back in and do it as an independent. Don't worry. I'm gonna talk to him about that.

CALLER: I'm glad about that but he's gonna determine who the "right" guy is.

RUSH: Well...

CALLER: And he also said one other thing. He said he'll run if the economy is bad. Well, what does he expect? Obama's gonna still be president; the Democrats are still gonna control the Senate. Of course the economy is gonna be bad.

RUSH: Yeah. I know, a lot of people are concerned. Some people do want a third-party; they just don't want it to be Trump. Others are worried third party altogether. I did hear him say that, but I'll have a talk with him. It'll be okay.



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